Nakamoto Games Taps UpOnly’s Tournament Service for Inaugural Tank Battle Event

The Battle Tank game title was released in mid-July as Nakamoto Games sought to expand its reach in the ecosystem.

Blockchain gaming studio Nakamoto Games has announced the launch of its upcoming tournament which will feature its latest gaming title, Battle Tank. As revealed, the Battle Tank tournament will be hosted on UpOnly, a Tournament-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform as it seeks to bring thrills and fairness to players within its ecosystem.

The Play-2-Earn (P2E) gaming ecosystem is evolving at a very fast pace with many players permeating the ecosystem on a daily basis. While innovators and game designers explore avenues to catch players’ interests by designing profitable games, Nakamoto Games seeks to improve on what is generally available by building thrilling games that can complement revenues.

The scheduled tournament on UpOnly is billed to commence on August 22 and is billed to go on for three days. Registration is a requirement to join the tournament and the forms for this will be available from August 15. This will give players a good enough amount of time to get on board and acclimatize with both the Battle Tank game as well as UpOnly’s TaaS platform.

The proposed reward for participants in the game is robust and the overall winner will cart away $1,000. The player who comes second will go with $750 in rewards while the third-best player in the tournament will win the sum of $500.

Per the exact tournament dynamics, prospective players will need to understand that each participant in the three-day gaming event will be given 8 lives overall. The playing room will comprise 30 players each, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots will be completing the number for the room whose players do not add up to 30.

Throughout the course of the tournament, the player that accrues the highest point will be adjudged the overall winner.

A Peek into Battle Tank from Nakamoto Games

The Battle Tank game title was released in mid-July as Nakamoto Games sought to expand its reach in the ecosystem. Previously known for its highly accorded titles including Naka Blaster, Spooky Run, and Zaka amongst others, the design and implementation of the Battle Tank game follows the low poly art style.

Tagged as one of the most recognized trends in the game development industry, the Poly art style is a minimalistic style used in video game design, preferring straightforward colors and geometry over life-like realism. The design grants players a very good gaming experience without having any notable operating issues irrespective of the platform they are playing from.

In the Battle Tank game, users utilize the AWSD keypads to navigate through hoops within the battlefield while shooting targets and obstacles with the aid of the mouse. While navigating during the game, players can destroy some unique boxes littered across the terrain to gain crystals. These crystals can be used to upgrade weapons, which can largely amplify the chances of success in the game.

The subsequent iterations of the game including the proposed versions 2 and 3, will introduce a host of other unique features such as Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in-game assets which can be traded in the protocol’s marketplace.

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