Netflix Dives into Metaverse on Decentraland with Gray Man

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While Netflix is amongst the pioneering entertainment firms pushing into the metaverse, experts believe there is still a lot of improvement that must be done.

American subscription streaming service and production company, Netflix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX) is solidifying its Web3.0 push as it has created gameplay featuring its blockbuster movie, Gray Man in the Decentraland Metaverse. As reported by Paper Writer, the gameplay creation was born out of a collaboration between Netflix’s Latin America division and The Electric Factory and is supported by the Decentraland Foundation.

The purpose of the Gray Man metaverse experience is to position the movie starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans to a new audience and also to carve out new ways for the movie’s fans to interact with some of the scenes that stand out in the movie.

The metaverse recreation of the Gray Man is dubbed the “Metaverse Mission” and it essentially represents the recreation of the maze scene. With so much action packed into this scene, players will need to navigate through the maze in a bid to prove their knowledge of the movie’s plot.

The Gray Man metaverse experience was demonstrated by the news platform, Blockworks Martin Shibuya, Decentraland Foundation’s Art Director, and Diego Alvarez, Senior Business Developer at The Electric Factory. The Electric Factory is the programming startup and architect behind the creation of the game.

Per the game’s design, once a player enters the maze, they will begin to hear the music from the original film, and the instructions from the protagonist, Ryan Gosling. Decentraland noted that the best way to get appropriately involved with the metaverse is by recreating some of the experiences portrayed in the actual film.

The model from Decentraland being adopted by Netflix is an avenue for big brands to actually showcase their creative works in the metaverse by renting out a space rather than buying land directly. According to Diego Alvarez, Senior Business Developer at The Electric Factory, firms that do this “will have a huge advantage tomorrow if they understand how this works and how people can interact” in the Metaverse.

Netflix and the Prove of the Metaverse Opportunities

As an entertainment company, Netflix has not really lost touch with the potential opportunities in connecting with the metaverse and the broader Web3.0 world. 

Alvarez also pointed out this sentiment, noting that “there are so many opportunities that Web3 is bringing to the entertainment world, especially when it comes to immersive storytelling and audience engagement.”

With Netflix tapping into this new experience option, the Los Gatos-based company is further positioning itself as a one-stop shop for all things entertainment, and an avenue through which its dedicated subscribers can explore new entertainment experiences. 

While Netflix is amongst the pioneering entertainment firms pushing into the metaverse, experts believe there is still a lot of improvement that must be done, should the entertainment option be optimized by both the brands and the targeted audience.

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