Gold Rush Token Listed for Trading on P2PB2B Exchange




What’s the deal with Gold Rush?

This blockchain gaming ecosystem combines gaming with NFTs and DeFi to provide players with a wholly immersive gaming experience.

You can employ NFTs and send them to work in the GRUSH world as farmers, miners, and gunmen. Each has a particular function in GRUSH. While miners and gunmen go to the mountains to mine, farmers and gunmen go to your farms to work for you.

What sets it apart from others?

You can mine and farm your NFTs using Gold Rush Finance.




  • You can play the wild west gold mining game with Oracle-based NFT Mining. The foundation of this game is BNB. Therefore, there is a lot of price security for players! Players don’t have to worry about price changes because their game tokens are based on their total BNB rewards, so they can always claim them;
  • NFT Farming: Players can also spend $GRUSH on hiring NFT farmers to work for them. Based on daily emissions, rewards are given out in $GRUSH. More farmers working for you equals greater benefits!


$GRUSH serves as the game’s official currency for Gold Rush Finance.

Contract Address: 0x2Cd6f07Bf8A32B43Fc1d8C06fd910fd59eC7b9B7;
Ticker: GRUSH;

Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 GRUSH.

GRUSH Distribution

  • Mining Game Rewards – 38%;
  • Farming Rewards – 27%;
  • Public Presale – 11%;
  • Liquidity Pool – 9.35%;
  • Ecosystem – 7%;
  • Marketing – 5.65%;
  • Seed Sale – 2%.

Gold Rush, by the way, is available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange. If you are interested in this project, you have an excellent opportunity to become a member of its community. To stay up to date on the project, follow these social media channels:

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