Here at last is Solana’s most anticipated new venture: SolMad

SolMad is an NFT collection set to grow on the Solana Chain. It takes place in the Solana-verse, where nomads search for community, land, and resources to stay alive in the face of threats like extinction, global warming, and natural disasters. SolMad’s users will go on a journey of community-driven collaboration, group building, and being together.

The SolMad’s Adventure

Everything starts deep in Gisana… The SolMad are a group of smart and handy tribes who live in different ecosystems and have to deal with harsh weather conditions. In these, they can find valuable resources and artifacts that they can mine and sell in different cities and towns as they move around.

These communities, which move as one, help each other stay alive, which isn’t always possible. They put their lives at risk in harsh conditions to get resources that are powerful and valuable. Still, the SolMad tribes are a close-knit group of people who always help each other.

Because of their naturally inquisitive nature, the SolMad are able to discover hidden and restricted areas thanks to their highly developed navigational skills and the equipment at their disposal. They frequently go on foot or ride animals like camels, horses, or alpacas for transportation. The majority of the time, they travel using standard modes of transportation such as wagons, vardos, or mobile houses. Nothing is able to stop the SolMad; in fact, they move by water rather frequently, typically paddling canoes or living on barges.

The SolMad frequently gathers or acquires priceless artifacts or resources, such as crystals or ores of metal, silks and dyes, and even figurines and statuettes. SolMad might also come across fresh produce, fish, and various spices, depending on the location to which they are traveling. These precious assets are things that have the potential to be auctioned off in the universe in order to win prizes by partnering with other people offline.

The first casinos were established within SolMad communities as a way to socialize and have fun with one another. However, word quickly spread throughout the lands about how entertaining and engaging the games were, and this encouraged other travelers and tourists to leave the comfort of their cities and venture out to visit the casinos.

The games are played fairly and for enjoyment thanks to the kind and compassionate spirit of SolMad, despite the fact that many bigger cities are opposed to this idea due to their avarice. 

How It Operates

Deflationary in nature, the SolMad is a collection of 10,000 different NFTs. The SolMad is no exception to the rule; they are a nomadic people. The narrative is one that is big, deep, and will continue to evolve into a wider universe with endless opportunities for players to not only acquire and grow but also engage with one another and have fun as a community!

The SolMad is comprised of four distinct tribes: the Panuk, the Zuberi, the Mira, and the Briar.

In addition to that, the project will have a maximum supply of one hundred million dollars worth of $BEADS, which is the currency used within the SolMad communities and is also the utility currency in Gisana. As the project moves forward, the token will be readily embraced for an endless range of use cases as it continues to evolve.

The mission of SolMad is to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) whose primary aim will be to construct and invest in the Solana Mobile ecosystem. Participants in the DAO will be given early access to product testing, airdrops, and product betas.

Even though the team anticipates that the project’s roadmap may evolve over the course of the project, they take great pleasure in their ability to provide a superb product in a timely and effective manner.

Their agenda is broken down as follows: 


  • Developing a community; 
  • Creating a smart contract and conducting an audit of the project; 
  • Establishing a network of collaborative partnerships


  • The launch of the 10,000 NFTs by Mint

Post Mint 

  • Secondary marketplace listing 
  • Community announcement regarding the project’s initial build priorities 
  • Community engagement (lore discovery) 
  • Beginning of treasury management 
  • Introducing staking incentives for future token product development
  • Introducing staking incentives for future token product development 

In addition to this, the team intends to launch upcoming collections, and there is even talk of potential token airdrops for participants. 

NFT Utility

The members of the SolMad team intend to initiate construction on and investment in the Solana mobile sphere. In order to get this endeavor off the ground, the SolMads collection will, in due course, comprise the following applications:

  • Royalty deflation and LP backing
  • A Solana mobile-focused DAO
  • Raffle prizes IRL and auctions
  • Casino – think gaming with USDC-dominated prizes at stake 
  • NFT asset purchasing and yield generation 
  • Resources purchases to upgrade 

The Solana mobile sphere is something that the SolMad team plans to start developing and funding. We’ll talk about the SolMads’ tale in the upcoming weeks. While you wait, additional SolMads mysteries will be unveiled as the dawn of the mint day draws nearer. 

Visit their Twitter page here for more details or join the discussion right now on Discord here.


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