Is Petrousus The Biggest Thing In The Crypto World Since Litecoin and Ethereum?




Every day in the world of cryptocurrency, new coins are released. While most are not always up to standard to survive the harsh crypto world, others make it far enough and become very well-known and promising.

Take a look at a new coin set to be released soon and how it stands with already successful ones.

Is Petrousus (PSUS) The Token Everyone Is Waiting For?

Petrousus (PSUS) is a new cryptocurrency with plans to take the crypto-verse by storm. Its ecosystem has been created to grow gently and gradually while it carries its users along.

The network is coming into the market in two segments. One is with a long-term plan for users to benefit, including staking while the other is a short-term plan including its governance model, which rewards users. Considering its governance plans, users in the platform will be given the power to handle most issues in the ecosystem.

Token holders will be given access to become decision-makers while giving them equal rights. For members to be eligible, they must own Petrousus tokens.




The platform developers made it so that one token represents a vote. This ability to become key decision-makers that the platform is giving to users will help them understand their user’s expectations better.

For longer-term gains, Petrousus is offering pretty straightforward staking. Users will have to lock their Petrousus until it “matures”.

Petrousus is making sure that investors will be able to become validators as soon as they stake their tokens.

These validators can run the proof-of-stake system and get huge rewards according to the number of coins they own.

Filecoin (FIL) Will Store Your Data For You

Filecoin is a popular coin that was created back in 2014. The idea behind creating this token was to make available incentivized layers that enabled a P2P storage network.

Filecoin (FIL) is very secure and uses blockchains when viewing and recording users’ activities on its network.

The coin’s developers made it possible to utilize its proof-of-stake mechanism uniquely, making its services extraordinarily safe and accessible. Filecoin remains the first crypto dedicated to storage.

One of the things that make it unique is also the fact that users can monitor what they’ve stored on the platform. In the world of cryptocurrency, FIL still holds the record as the coin with the biggest presale in history. This came after it made over $200 million in ICO, just after it had amassed around $45 million during the presale.

The crypto world is indeed suffering right now from the shock of the last dip it encountered; Filecoin has proven it’s worth time without numbers which is why it’s still loved by many.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is regarded as the king of DeFi coins. Standing behind Bitcoin in CoinMarketCap rankings, it’s clear that this coin is not relenting on its quest to be the best.

ETH is already very popular, and sometimes, its popularity works against it. It gets congested now and then because of the usage volume it witnesses daily as it engages its function as a blockchain.

Ethereum has confirmed its move to use a different consensus mechanism. The current proof-of-work consensus mechanism does not look like it can handle all thrown at it. To that effect, a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism is being employed.

This mechanism is considerably faster and will guarantee speed on the blockchain, and might guarantee Ethereum’s future success. The same can be said for FIL and PSUS, as these are expected to become market-leading tokens.

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