TikTok, BeReal, and Others Outshine Facebook on Top 10 Apps in US

Regardless of its position among the top apps in the US, Facebook remains active with its users.

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has been struggling to remain one of the top 10 apps in the US with the growing adoption of TikTok and now BeReal. It started with TikTok, which got special attention during the coronavirus pandemic. As the world was forced to stay home, many people, especially the young, chose to spend their time on the video-sharing app. The technology company, which has found its place among the Top 10 apps on the US App Store for some time, has now lost traction on the Top Charts.

In 2021, Facebook dropped from the Top 10 free iPhone apps in the Us about seven times. Instead of solidifying its years-long stance, the social media service provider has fallen 97 times off the chart. It is becoming more glaring that Facebook can not stand against the influx of new trending apps. These new apps have stolen the hearts of many, pushing Facebook out of the way of the Top 10 apps on the App Store.

Facebook Losses Spot Among Top 10 Apps in US

Citing data from its app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, TechCrunch highlighted how Facebook performed on the Top 10 apps chart. While the social media app lost its position six times in the first half of 2021, it fell 59 times in the first six months of this year. As a matter of fact, Facebook missed being in the Top 10 apps in the US for as long as 37 consecutive days this year. Is it getting worse for Facebook? The app only missed out on the ranking for two straight days in 2021.

A different compilation by App Store data provider data.ai supported Sensor Tower’s analysts. Data.ai stated that most of the times Facebook left the ranking were in April, May, and June. According to the analysis. So far this year, the worst month for the social media app was April. The app dropped to the 30s on the 18th and plunged further to No. 44 on April 21st. At the time, Facebook was struggling to remain relevant, BeReal was making its way to the top of the chart. The French social media app, which was released in 2020, made it into the Top 5. Less than 2 years into its debut, BeReal is now the No.1 non-gaming app on the US App Store. What an achievement!

Regardless of its position among the top apps in the US, Facebook remains active with its users. The social media app is still at the top in monthly active users.

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