ChainWars Next-Generation GameFi Set to Launch Phase 3

Place/Date: – August 22nd, 2022 at 10:44 am UTC · 3 min read
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Since its inception a decade ago, blockchain technology has transformed the global economy. Initially heralded for the introduction of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology’s use-cases have expanded in recent years, with gaming arguably the most impacted.

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, with the covid-19 pandemic playing a significant role. But while traditional gaming is heavily concentrated on consoles and mobile games and is primarily monopolized by a few companies, blockchain technology has expanded new gaming innovative platforms that incentivize users to play their favorite games. With its innovative gaming ecosystem, ChainWars, a next-generation platform, is assuming this mantle.

ChainWars Gathering Massive Momentum For Q3

The development of ChainWars has been very smooth after recording huge successes in the subsequent phases. A lot of work is currently going on to ensure that the third phase is also a success. According to the team, phase 3 will reveal the various land designs to the community. This will undoubtedly be a huge development, as fans will be having the first sneak peek into the various landforms in the ChainWars metaverse space. There will also be a teaser trailer for the land designs in the coming Q3.

In addition, there will be some other amazing developments in phase 3, including the Governance model rollout, Airdrop for $CWE and $MLTPX holders, Patching & expanding Card game, Land whitepaper release, and Land alpha test application.

Major Milestones in Phases 1 and 2

2022 has been a very productive and eventful year for the ChainWars project after successfully executing most of its Q1 and Q2 milestones. Some of these milestones include the Alpha and Beta release which ushered the game into the alpha testing phase and the token ($CWE) release. Another important milestone was the release of airdrops for both $CWE and $MLTPX holders. They have also, in the course of the Q1 and Q2 onboarded strategic partners for the land game.

About ChainWars

ChainWars is a blockchain gaming metaverse that allows players to immerse themselves in an original gaming storyline. The main game is a Digital Collectible Card Game (DCCG) designed specifically for the game and minted as NFTs.

The game’s main goal is to acquire and select a strong, diverse deck of cards and compete against the best players. Users must make strategic decisions and can improve their deck by purchasing or earning lootboxes.

Lootboxes are special items that give gamers special cards that they can use to improve their chances of winning competitions and progressing in the game. All lootbox items are minted as NFTs and can be traded in supported marketplaces.

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