Source Protocol & EonXI Lab Launch Joint Venture To Lead Web 3.0 Industry

United in their mission to drive mass adoption of Web 3.0 technology, Source Protocol Ltd and EonXI Lab have announced an exciting new joint venture, SourceWorld.

SourceWorld will where their teams of experienced developers, motion graphics designers, 3D artists, and more, will be focused on building enterprise-grade Web 3.0 infrastructure and products on SOURCE Blockchain’s efficient and scalable distributed network.

In addition to in-house development, SourceWorld will be directing efforts and campaigns towards fostering a thousands-strong developer ecosystem on SOURCE Blockchain around the world.

SourceWorld’s vision is to create and drive global access to decentralized virtual environments, enabling users to interact on endless levels, ranging from enterprise business to gaming and metaverse, interactive entertainment settings, finance, education, governance, and more.

Through its joint efforts in developing the next generation of Web 3.0 global technology solutions, the team of 30+ will help Web 2.0 organizations navigate and adopt decentralized products and processes to improve their transparency, access, equity, and economic scale.

In line with one of the most fascinating industries to recently join the market, SourceWorld will begin its efforts with the creation of a photo-realistic and interoperable metaverse, backed by Source Protocol’s underlying DeFi infrastructure.

With this permission-less and easily accessible virtual environment, users will be able to host meetings and events, play games, buy and develop on virtual land, access decentralized banking and financial instruments, shop borderless-ly at their favorite retailers, stream content, and more.

With the use of personal avatars and NFTs accessories, users will also be able to own, customize and create value with unlimited variations of digital assets.

Having a huge focus on the Future of Work, Future of Learning, and Future of Entertainment, SourceWorld will be instrumental in driving mass adoption of Web 3.0 technology by way of interactive media.

The team has already established many to-be-announced virtual partners, from sports gaming to broadcast arenas and NFT marketplaces.

These partners are all associated with recognizable artists and top global brands. The team is also working with global event and promotional companies, virtual universities, and various entertainment businesses.

“We are staging what will become the top global metaverse platform as we speak – an economy without limitation – the movement we’re seeing on the ground is directly in line with Gray Scale’s recent projection of the metaverse being a $1 trillion market opportunity,” said EonXI’s CEO Aaron Wilson in a recent interview. 

Source Protocol Ltd’s SOURCE Blockchain is the underlying infrastructure behind the Web 3.0 products and tools that SourceWorld will be building and utilizing.

It is a public, permission-less and interoperable blockchain network for enterprises, developers, and individuals to create and use scalable apps, smart contracts, and tools for Web 3.0.

Built-in Cosmos SDK and equipped with CosmWasm smart contract capabilities, SOURCE is positioned to usher in a new wave of highly secure, scalable, and efficient applications.

Rust is currently the primary smart contract programming language of CosmWasm, which is extremely developer-friendly and easy to use.

This translates into more cost-effective and scalable application development for businesses as they build the next generation of their product offerings on top of SOURCE.

Since 2019, EonXi has been building, investing, and empowering founders across the Web 3.0, gaming, and consumer sectors.

Led by a diverse team of engineers, influencers, investors, and entrepreneurs from across the United States, EonXi and its ecosystem are stewards in developing the next phase of the internet’s evolution.

Combined with Source Protocol’s talented team of blockchain developers, fund operators, advisors, traditional finance specialists, and general technology stack, SourceWorld is poised to create and deliver a truly revolutionary ecosystem for businesses and consumers alike.

An exciting roadmap has been set forth for SourceWorld as they look to bridge the gap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 over the course of the next decade.

In the short term, the team has committed to the immediate development and implementation of in-house products and tools, including, but not limited to a photo-realistic and interoperable metaverse and virtual meeting platform.

The team will also be leading strategic initiatives to attract thousands of Web 3.0 developers to SOURCE Blockchain, and are currently in discussions with capital partners in preparation to announce grants and funding programs in support of these efforts.

Long term, SourceWorld plans to become the innovation hub for the development and hosting of decentralized communication, big data, business, gaming, entertainment, finance, science, governance, and more.

Learn more about SourceWorld, engage with the community, and get exclusive updates on the launch, NFTs, airdrops, etc at the links below:

Website: SourceWorld | SourceProtocol | EonXI | Documents | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram | Discord


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