Supercute World is the Next NFT Brand Aiming to Become the Next Disney

Many understand the power of NFTs and content creation. Many more continue to herald the technology as it helps creators connect directly with fans by tokenizing artistic and other creative work.

NFTs are viewed as an important tool towards democratizing creative endeavors, since more people can get involved without having to go through a third-party intermediary.

In fact, enthusiasm for specific NFT projects has led to some unprecedented moments in the crypto world.

The launch of Yuga Labs Otherside NFT collection on April 30th attracted so much attention, crypto traders were unable to buy, sell, and trade on the Ethereum blockchain for three hours due to demand. The swift sale of 55,000 plots of land left Yuga about $320 million richer in the same timeframe.

Even amid 2022’s bitter crypto winter, the innovative nature of NFTs has led some creators to look beyond digital images and see how the technology could be the foundation of new production and media conglomerates.

NFTs Are Transforming From Static Images To Immersive Digital Media

Right now, TV’s at the heart of NFT innovation.

Content creators have been working hard to release NFT TV series, opening up entertainment opportunities for particular NFT holders. One of the first NFT TV shows, Stoner Cats, counts Aston Kutcher, Chris Rock, and Vitalik Buterin as cast members. The adult animated series is produced by well-known actress Mila Kunis.

The Glue Factory Show, another show that premiered in March 2022, raised $3 million in August 2021 from a sold-out NFT sale of 10,000 items. The show’s core writing team includes several industry veterans, along with Ted Danson and Patton Oswalt as cast members.

Last year’s massive NFT boom also spurred innovation within the NFT movie sphere. In early 2022, Reese Witherspoon announced plans to launch movies and TV shows based around the World of Women NFT project. The actress signaled NFT holders would have a voice in the creation process.

Even Yuga Labs is looking to leverage the massively successful Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) project in new arenas. In October 2021, the entity inked a deal with talent manager Guy Oseary to explore bringing BAYC to film and TV.

Supercute World Intends To Grow Into A Full-Fledged Media Conglomerate

The marriage of NFTs and entertainment avenues like TV, movies, and video games is still in its infancy. Many NFT projects understand they need to turn their concepts into a brand to gain notoriety outside of the crypto world.

However, many NFT collections remain hampered as they lack the tools, team, and expertise to bring roadmaps into real-world results.

Bridging these gaps remains a core focus of the team behind Supercute World™ NFTs, a mixture of art, toyetic design and streetwear fashion. The NFTs are created by the renowned ‘Chocotoy’ artist duo of Luis Albornoz and Karen Guevara, who have collaborated with Adidas, Superplastic and even J Balvin on his album cover art.

The powerhouse design team partnered up with award-winning toy inventor Natalie Rebot, the creator of the viral sensation Moonlite Storybook Projector, to bring the Supercute World collection to life inside and outside of Web3.

Holding one of the colorful monster characters (playfully named “SELFi3”) from Supercute World opens up a world of merchandise, events, content, metaverse experiences and most importantly the opportunity for people to truly express their Web3 self. With gender inclusively at the core of this project, holders have the ability to choose the version of their NFT that best represents them to display publicly. This feature is unique to the Supercute World collection and one that will surely set a precedent for others in the space.

The Supercute World team also aims to leverage its creative team of renowned artists and toy inventors to build the NFT project into one where storytelling and content creation is at the forefront of a brand with Disney-style influence. Collaborators include Web3 innovators from IRL Studios and developers from Alchemy, the developer team behind well-known projects like CryptoKitties and Cryptopunks.

Right now, Supercute World aims to launch its initial NFT collection of 7,777 SELFi3S on Ethereum this September. Minters who hold have the unique opportunity to receive future collections via airdrop. Initial adopters could eventually own an entire Supercute World family from just one NFT mint.