Tiny Tesla: A safe place to make passive income and obtain financial freedom

Tiny Tesla was founded because, like many, the team (which is a group of friends) experienced too many scams and empty promises. They decided to do something about it to change the space for good! As a group of friends and family with the same vision. They are proud to say they have a diverse background of highly qualified teams from all different regions with one goal; to bring their holders a safe place to make passive income and obtain the financial freedom they all deserve! Regardless of financial ability, race, or the region in which they live.

Tiny Tesla offers true passive income, 2% Reflections with no minimums. Even if the holder is holding 10 cents or $100 (USD) they will make 2% no matter what. For safety, Tiny Tesla had two audits before Launch, TECKRATE, and SPYWOLF, which came back with flying colors! In addition, Tiny Tesla has their DEX launchpad and NFT Marketplace, which are currently under construction. Tiny Tesla is bringing lots of utility, so the holder will benefit.

The team at Tiny Tesla believes the project will be the next 100x GEM and the best project of 2022. Tiny Tesla understands that this is only possible with the family they are looking to build. The team wants to make the BSC space great again United together as a Tiny Tesla Family. Please don’t let your family miss out on this Gem start making passive Income from day one!!! Please visit the Tiny Tesla telegram channel https://t.me/TinyTeslaofficial and any future family can check out their website at tinytesla.co

Tiny Tesla is more than just the next best thing to hit the BSC space, TT is a family movement. The team at Tiny Tesla prides itself on the strength and diversity of its family. They strive every day to ensure that every member can earn a passive income simply just by holding TT. Not only will the holder be able to make money there is no limit to how much the holder needs to invest to start receiving passive income.  


Unlike most meme coins TT comes with utility:

  • Tiny Tesla offers 2% reflections to ensure their family earns a passive income at all times, while you’re out walking your dog or at home feeding the kids. Whether it’s studying for Uni, college, or going out to work your 9-5. TT is the token for all!
  • Tiny Tesla offers an NFT marketplace as well! This will allow artists around the world to list their own artwork up for sale and not only earn from the initial sale but continue to earn from future sales using Tiny Tesla’s artist royalties plan

If you thought the reflections and NFT marketplace sound good the holder will not be disappointed, stay tuned to find out more.


Tiny Tesla uses the word family a lot. And they do not use that word lightly. Every single investor, developer, and moderator alike are equal in this venture and Tiny Tesla intends to change lives across the world and build their family in the process.


  • Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • 5% is kept for CEX listings and utility
  • 20% is burned at launch.
  • Buy Tax: 8%
  •  5% marketing/CEX listings
  •  1% dev wallet
  • 2% LP
  • Sell Tax: 14%
  • 4% marketing/CEX listings
  •  1% dev wallet
  • 1% LP
  • 2% reflections

Launchpad NFT Marketplace D E X to be launched to enhance the platform’s utility!

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.