Kublet Nano: Stupid Crypto Things We Must Have or Else We Might Die

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Kublet Nano: Crypto gifts for the crypto enthusiasts in our lives (ourselves) will be starting to appear on our radar at this time of year. While we are only just scraping into September, it’s time to start adulting and get ready for the presenty season.

With world shortages and problems with shipping material items, now is the time to order gifts in advance. Don’t look like an urgent mess come December, okay?

So here is one gift idea that is worth pre-ordering. It’s so stupid and utterly unneeded that I am convinced we all most definitely need it urgently.

Kublet Nano

Enter the Kublet Nano. This little nugget of a present is a mini desk monitor. It displays all kinds info, including stock and cryptocurrency prices.

The device is shaped like a cube (Kublet = cube + tablet). It is about the size of an avocado that Millennials like to smash on stupid breads. And it doesn’t take up too much space on a desk. This is assuming that Millennials and Gen Zedders have a desk… these days they are prone to working from vans overlooking organic scallop farms. Or they “work” from cafes where they simultaneously TikTok their coffee. Either way, this is perfect for every lifestyle.

This little block makes tracking price information and other data look totally sexy. It has an OLED screen. And it’s not just a little bit of hardware. It has an integrated software platform. Users can choose what info they want to display.

The creators say that at launch, the Nano will come with info on stock, crypto, and forex price data. You can configure what you want to see via your phone. “Simply select the stock or crypto you want to track, on your phone, and the price data will show up on the Nano. These prices will be updated at set regular intervals, depending on the nature of the data. These updates at set intervals require no subscription. At the moment, real-time stock market updates require a subscription.”

Bitcoin enthusiasts will be delighted. They will get access to Bitcoin-related data, like block height and Sats/USD.

How it Started

The founder of Kublet Inc, called Audrey, says, “Kublet was born because I was spending too much time at work checking my phone for stock prices and having to switch windows just to monitor prices on my computer screen. Sometimes I would have an additional monitor open just for tracking stock prices, but that took up too much space on my desk.”

Kublet Nano: Stupid Crypto Things We Must Have or Else We Might Die

Power Requirements

The Nano needs a cable for power. For multiple terminals with multiple cables, “Kublet provides a pod that can house up to 3 Nanos. Audio is currently not enabled for each individual unit, but compatible speakers will be available at a later date. This would enable important sound notifications from your desk.”

Kublet’s software is not finished yet, so early adopters get a say in how it will be finalized by providing feedback. Kublet ships everywhere except Russia, Ukraine, and North Korea.

I personally know I will die without it and have ordered 7000. Okay that’s only slightly true but let’s carry on. I expect everyone to tag BeInCrypto when they have these set up, thanks.

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