Seedify Reveals its Steampunk-Themed PFP Avatar Collection

[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer]

Seedify is one of the crypto industry’s leading notable launchpads and incubators. They empower innovators and project developers through access to funding, community and partnership building, and a complete support system to help bring premier blockchain games, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and metaverses to its community through events called IGOs (Initial Gaming offering) and INOs (Initial NFTs offering).

Last month Seedify successfully launched its native NFT token, $SNFTS, via an airdrop which reached almost 60x (at its all-time high). Over 1000+ holders have chosen to farm or stake their $SNFTS, earning passive income. Furthermore, most of them have chosen the 180 days staking pool showing confidence in the long-term performance of the token.

In addition, they are now bridging the Metaverse with the recent reveal of its own Profile Picture (PFP) Steampunked-themed Avatar NFT Collection.



The unique set of 2D collectable NFTs will be limited to 10 000 items, with various looks, traits, and wearables. In time, the collection will be interoperable between metaverses and evolve to 3D game-ready avatars. Their visual attributes incorporate intricate details inspired by the vintage steampunk look.

Characters include Merchants, Steam Engineers, Alchemists, Tinkerers, Blacksmiths and Crafters, to name but a few.

The Narrative:

The AVATARS are people who have mastered using gadgetry, metal, steam power and pieced-together machines in their everyday lives. Their love for machines, alchemy, magic, and dreams of time travel united their purpose and broadened their vision and aspirations.

Enlightened from their inner being, everything they touched turned to gold, and time had no boundaries as they explored the past, present and future.

Nations gathered from every race and creed; this gave rise to a new empire built on imagination, dune, sand, and clay.

But among them, some infused themselves with a mystical resource called Amé.

There were only 1000 of them in the beginning, and they were distinct from the rest as their resemblance became blue and their powers became unmatched.

The rest underwent the infusion process, patiently awaiting their transformations. These transformations would solidify their place in the metaverse and equip them for future adventures.

The AVATAR utilities:

What makes the collection so distinctive is the staking system for the NFTs called “Race Transfusions” and “Amé Infusions” these will essentially alter the AVATARS metadata and traits and will forever upgrade their look, making the AVATAR more valuable and rare.

In addition, these systems won’t generate additional NFTs to ensure that the collection is not diluted and its value is secured.

The collection will also include future drops with special utilities embedded in the staking systems bringing even more value to those owning a piece of the collection.

How to get access to Seedify’s Avatar NFT Collection:

There are three ways to have a chance at owning one of the 10,000 NFT avatars:

1: Staking and Farming:
Stake 500k $SNFTS or farm 250k $SNFTS with the $SFUND pair to generate 1 Avatar raffle ticket each month.
Seedify will take two snapshots, one on the 26th September and another in October. Holders will be able to win a maximum of 1 Seedify Avatar per wallet during these snapshots phases (Whitelist total: 4500 Avatars)

2. Seedify NFT Launchpad:
Both $SFUND and $SNFTS holders will be able to win x1 Seedify Avatar per wallet during the launchpad phase (Whitelist total: 3000 Avatars).

3. The Admission list:
This will be specific to thought leaders and partners who will provide value to the efforts of the Metaverse Seedify is building (Whitelist total: 1500 Avatars).

Seedify will continue to reveal more story parts within the collection, with new concepts and exciting utilities to enhance the value of their tokens to their communities.


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