The Tamadoge Presale Has Finished – Is Big Eyes Coin The More Viable Contender For Your Portfolio Now?




Crypto enthusiasts are always looking for ways to improve their portfolios. Some cryptocurrencies offer a higher return potential than others, making it hard to choose which one to pick for your portfolio.

Presales present the best opportunity to get involved in a cryptocurrency while the token price is low. Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new P2E cryptocurrency that has reached the end of its presale. The time has run out to purchase TAMA for a low price, meaning other cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin (BIG) could be a more viable option. Let’s find out what makes Big Eyes Coin special.

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The Big Eyes Coin Ecosystem

Big Eyes Coin has developed an ecosystem that facilitates growth and sustainability. Ocean conservation is a crucial part of the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem. It plans to make regular donations to ocean sanctuaries with a visible charity wallet containing 5% of BIG tokens.

Additionally, Big Eyes Coin will build on Ethereum (ETH). The crypto giant has now switched to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus that helps lower its environmental impact while improving the quality of its service.




Big Eyes Coin will host special events for its users. Users need to purchase a Big Eyes Coin NFT on the internal NFT marketplace to access these events. Once the NFT is obtained, users can access many exclusive events and clubs, including the Big Eyes Sushi Crew!

The Big Eyes Coin Presale and Competition!

As mentioned above, the best time to purchase a cryptocurrency is in its presale stage when the prices are lower. Big Eyes Coin shines in this department due to its fifteen presale stages. BIG tokens are currently in stage two of the presale, selling at $0.00014.

That’s right; Big Eyes Coin will give away 250,000 tokens to ten lucky winners.

All you have to do is sign up on the Big Eyes Coin Twitter and follow the steps to enter. It’s that simple! Once the competition ends, ten lucky winners will have the 250,000 tokens split between them, with the first winner taking home an eye-watering 100,000.

Will Tamadoge Run Out Of Steam After Its Presale?

Tamadoge is an interesting new platform inspired by the hit Nintendo game Nintendogs. Tamadoge pets are at the game’s core and designed as NFTs. You can purchase them with the TAMA token on its NFT marketplace.

You will see it evolve as you feed and train your Tamadoge pet. Once it is an adult Tamadoge pet, you can battle it against other Tamadoge pets to become the top Doge on the Tamadoge leaderboard.

Although Tamadoge presents an innovative platform with a dynamic ecosystem, the presale is almost at an end. Those looking to spruce up their portfolio might find greater comfort in a cryptocurrency at the beginning of its presale, like Big Eyes Coin.

Final Thoughts

Tamadoge has enjoyed a lengthy run of attention during its presale. The platform hosts an array of activities for its users to employ. However, due to its presale almost ending, there could be better options for your portfolio.

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Big Eyes Coin has just started its long presale, giving the crypto community ample time to purchase its tokens. Experts tip big Eyes Coin to dominate the market when it launches. If this prediction is correct, Big Eyes Coin would be a fruitful addition to your portfolio. 

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