Metaverse Dating: Can You Find Love Based on What NFTs You Hold?

Metaverse dating is here. But, are you ready for it? Well, that doesn’t matter because it is ready for you.

Looking for love on dating apps can be like sifting through a bin. But what if there are other ways to find love online? And what if those ways involved all the stuff you awesome nerds love… like the metaverse, NFTs and crypto?

It seems that the day has arrived where we can be matched according to our metaverse interests. There are a few ideas here, all in their absolute infancy. But they are compelling. So if you are single, and definitely not loving it, then read on.

A new app called metaMATCH will launch any day now. It is the creation of media personality Emily Lyons.

She says she started metaMATCH because online dating lacks humanity. “To date, the online experience has provided many shortcuts but primarily connects individuals based upon superficialities. We have become so obsessed with our online personas and the idea of perfection, that many individuals lose sight of who they really are and the type of person with whom they can establish a meaningful relationship.”

metaMATCH will unfold in functionality over the coming months. At first, it will match people based on what NFT communities they are in, and what NFTs they own. The app can identify commonalities based on shared psychographics, and match based on that person’s unique online behavior.

Says Lyons, “So many dating apps are based on the premise of ‘swipe left, swipe right,’ but we believe that people are more than just a photo. From ‘in your brain’ to ‘on-chain,’ we want to help people connect on a deeper level and create meaningful relationships.”

The app is also a hybrid matchmaker. That is, users can book a coaching session with dating experts and get advice on how to have a good conversation, what to wear on a date, and how to stop being so anxious. So if you are an anxious NFT nerd, put that app on your phone ASAP.

Dating DAOs

Yes, there are now dating DAOs.  If you don’t know what a DAO is, then read up here first.

A dating DAO is a dating app like Tinder or Bumble, but on the blockchain. Each DAO has rules and guidelines that are agreed upon by the DAO community and put into a smart contract.  

So why are these rising as an alternative to existing Web2 dating apps? Because people are falling out of love with swiping.

The early days of Web2 dating apps seemed to be exciting for user. However, now, it has been widely reported that such apps make people miserable, and aren’t leading to connections like they used to. Dating app fatigue has definitely set in. So something new is definitely needed to fill the gap.

Dating DAO members can vote on the way the DAO operates. They can decide how people are matched with each other. If that process is a hot mess, they can vote again to improve the process.

An example is Metacubes. Members can Date-to-Earn on Web3.

Metacubes say that Date-toEarn on Web3 sets them apart from traditional face-swiping dating apps. “With our platform, users can utilize NFT avatars to venture through different cities to socialize, form relationships, and enable chats.”

To join, users must attain membership via NFTs. The initial mint price is 300 USDT (around $300).

Premium memberships are linked to NFT rarity levels. With these, enthusiasts can unlock enhanced functionalities such as extended match limits.

In an interesting twist, users can earn cryptocurrency while they mingle. Rewards are based on platform usage, and chats opened, and relationships formed.

The idea seems to be a good one. They have nearly 15,000 followers on their Twitter account.

Early days

Dating DAO success isn’t necessarily a given though.  Many DAOs specializing in dating in the early days (circa 2018) seem to have died or have folded through lack of people joining up. However, perhaps they were before their time. Now seems to be a good time to date-to-earn. Singles, go fall on the sword for us and try it out! And report back!

Crypto Love Scam

Metaverse Dating: Catfish-Proof

A new product coming soon to dating is The founders say that TruYou is a portal for love in the metaverse. They offer tokenized matching with other members, verification so that catfish can’t get you and your crypto, and in-app staking, among other things.

They say we are at the precipice of a blockchain-governed era. “Industries have steadily taken the leap into adopting new-age technologies, with many allocating massive resources into developing and adapting their businesses to keep pace with the evolving standards of practice. One market lagging behind the curve in this aspect is the online dating industry.”

While Web2 dating apps have their problems, they say that Web3 dating can solve a lot of these. “Dating industry applications and websites lack key aspects that blockchain can provide: trustless verification, immutability, decentralization, and smart contract validation.”

Anyone who has used Web2 dating apps knows that they are full of love scammers and people looking to be paid for sex. So perhaps Web3 dating could prove to be a solution?

It’s early days in metaverse dating, however, the first baby that is born out of this better have a cool name like X Æ A-12.

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