Pulse Zen Gained Over A Thousand Holders And A Market Cap Of $8 Million With ZERO Ads

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Summary: Without resorting to any form of advertising, Pulse Zen was able to amass a market cap of $8 million and more than a thousand new holders.

San Francisco, CA / OCTOBER 3rd, 2022 / If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, look no further than Pulse Zen, the first socially engineered crypto asset. They achieved a market cap of $8 Million, a price increase of 1100% and had 1000+ holders while doing ZERO marketing. To maintain a healthy equilibrium within the economy, it allots a certain amount of each transaction to each holder.

The community benefits thanks to the ingenious PIF technology that promotes wealth redistribution. Novel token economics make this an unexpected opportunity for everyone. Protected from being manipulated by whales and with complete transparency, this is a crypto asset you can put your faith in. The innovative tokenomics built into Pulse Zen make this a promising venture. A 2% PIF fee is deducted from each transaction and divided proportionally among token holders. With every 0.01% transaction, a burn function is invoked, reducing the supply and increasing the value of a Pulse Zen. Every time this wallet is used, a 0.2% donation fee is deducted and allocated to charity based on DAO voting. 

As a relatively new kind of investment, cryptocurrencies are especially vulnerable to fraudulent schemes. The core tenet of the Pulse Zen philosophy is straightforward: provide a chance for the market to reach a value agreed upon by participants, and the ecosystem in its entirety will profit. Tokens purchased on the ETH network will have a mirror created on the Pulse blockchain system. The possibilities opened up by this are much more enticing. If ETH 2.0 is released, you will very certainly find yourself in possession of a third copy of your coins.

About Pulse Zen




PZEN is similar to a daily-interest savings account. Every time a sale, purchase, or transfer occurs, 2% of the proceeds are taken via the PIF (Pay It Forward) feature and redistributed to all holders. Such dynamic redistributions promptly and consistently add to your account balance, and that’s only the beginning of the tokenomics innovation.

Having a burn rate of 0.01%, the PZEN token is deflationary, meaning that as its supply decreases, its value increases. PZEN isn’t only useful, it’s also good for the soul, thanks to a DAO charity wallet that will provide tokens to deserving charities based on holder votes.

While cryptocurrency is the fastest-growing asset class, exercising caution while making any cryptocurrency investments is essential. Many people have earned billions because of PZEN’s major spokesman, Conrad Zen, who is a former member of the Bitcoin Foundation and has a record of drawing media attention to Bitcoin and Hex.

Currently listed on Uniswap, it will soon be available on major CEX p2bb2b.com, increasing visibility and ownership.

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