Solana based NFTs can be redeemed for physical products by revolutionary startup PussyDAO

  • PussyDAO will allow Solana NFTs owners to acquire physical apparel.
  • More companies have linked NFTs to physical item acquisition.

PussyDAO, a crypto startup, hopes to employ Solana NFTs as redemption coupons. Owners will buy physical items like underwear, streetwear, and so on. NFTs are popularly used to represent digital items like avatars, domain names, event tickets, and so on. However, a redefinition of the use of NFTs is impending. Non-fungible tokens can now unlock physical art, property, and other valuable assets.

PussyDAO plans to sell Solana NFTs redeemable for physical items

The Founder and CEO of PussyDAO, Izzy Howell, talked about the idea in a recent conversation. The former head of growth at Solana derivatives protocol, Cypher, said she got the idea about her startup speaking with her former DeFi colleagues.

I was up really late with my team, and all of the guys on my team just kept saying liquidity is all that matters. ‘That’s the most important thing: liquidity, liquidity, liquidity’. And the next thought in my head was that I wanted to make a pair of panties that said ‘highly liquid’ on the crotch.

She disclosed she had gotten a lot of support from the crypto industry, including funding. She resigned from Cypher to fully concentrate on her new venture. Although she has a big picture for PussyDAO, it will kick off by allowing Solana NFTs owners to redeem physical clothes easily. Her brand plans to delve into more puffery items soon. 

We’re using Web3 tech to scale the next generation of apparel, CPG [consumer packaged goods]products, software drops, and experiences. Our brand is punk rock meets hyper-femininity: we’re gritty, girly, and powerful—and a much-needed breath of fresh air in this bro-centric space.

Projects using NFT to unlock physical items

Several brands have similar notions of utilizing blockchain tokens. Acquiring physical apparel using NFTs has been explored in diverse ways. A project like Unisocks sells tokens redeemable for Uniswap-themed socks. In partnership with BAYC, NFT influencer gmoney, and the Punks Comics projects, Adidas introduced a redeemable NFTs model for exclusive apparel last December. The WAX blockchain’s vIRL NFT concept constructed its plan on this idea.

PussyDAO will ease the trading of physical items, especially streetwear and other goods, using Solana NFTs. Transacting NFTs would be less stressful, less expensive, and have a low environmental impact compared to shipping packages. 

The crypto startup will begin with the Solana ecosystem because the founder is used to the ecosystem. Howell hopes to make PussyDAO a multi-chain platform with products across other blockchain platforms. 

Howell said,

 Not only are we a company—we’re also a living, breathing art movement. We drop products that are designed to incite meaningful conversations around gender, identity, and the financial landscape.