Big Eyes Coin: The Finest Community-Based Meme Coin on The Block Might Become As Successful as Near Protocol




Some crypto adherents have started to fear the recent price decreases and have pulled their coffers out of the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, new crypto investors are unsure of how to handle the circumstance. The good thing is that many crypto projects have performed exceptionally despite the crypto meltdown.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has standout characteristics that can advance your portfolio, making it a great competitor for Near Protocol (NEAR). Continue reading to learn more about these cryptocurrency tokens and their unique features.

Near Protocol – Solving Problems In The Blockchain Industry

The Near Protocol (NEAR), designed as a layer-one blockchain, is a community-run cloud platform that fixes several issues with current blockchains, including their poor transaction speeds, limited throughput, and lack of interoperability. The Near Protocol (NEAR) platform promotes a user- and developer-friendly design, providing DApps with the best circumstances for success.

Erik Trautman founded Near Protocol (NEAR) along with Lllia Polosukhin and Alexander Skidanov, who have a wealth of technical knowledge and experience. The Near Protocol (NEAR) differs from other protocols due to its much higher transaction throughput, caused mainly by the Nightshade technology.

In Nightshade, various sharding techniques are used to expand the blockchain’s capacity. To do this, groups of validators collaborate to process transactions concurrently across numerous sharded chains. Near Protocol (NEAR) now has a market cap of about $2.8 billion. 




Big Eyes Coin Is Bringing Utility To Meme Coins

Big Eyes (BIG) is a one-of-a-kind meme coin that was developed to simplify for everyone to take part in the decentralised financial (DeFi) ecosystem.

It is a customisable community token that will become accessible after community tokens are extensively utilised globally.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) aims to build on this achievement and strengthen blockchain ecosystems by permitting the purchase of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens while donating to ocean conservation charities. With this performance, the platform hopes to see an increase in profitability.

BIG, the platform’s cryptocurrency can be used for various tasks, including staking, purchasing shares in liquidity pools, paying fees, getting rewards, and NFT transactions, among other things. Users can use Big Eyes Coin to mint, buy, sell, trade, and hold NFTs. This means that users can earn from the acceptance and success of NFTs. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will host various NFT events, including incentive programs, competitions, and more to boost profitability.

A large-scale public presale will be held for 70% of the tokens, during which 70% will be sold, and 20% will be distributed via exchanges. The remaining 10% will be split equally between giving to charitable organisations and using half of it for Big Eyes’ marketing initiatives.

The Big Eyes (BIG) token is not meant to vanish with the sun. By surpassing top-tier cryptocurrencies technically and operationally, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is committed to outlasting them for an extended time.

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