Best Metaverse Games list to Earn Crypto Rewards in 2022

In recent years, our viewpoint regarding online games has changed drastically; as earlier, gaming was just seen as a source of entertainment, but now it is a means to earn additional income. The credit goes to the metaverse, other technological innovations such as NFTs, and, most importantly, blockchain technology. Today, metaverse games, seen as a unique way to earn money, are played by people of different ages. The much-hyped gaming models such as play-to-earn (P2E) and free-to-play (F2P) are the essential features of the metaverse games, which continue to lure audiences on a massive scale.

Given the current speed of technological developments, it is difficult to accurately predict which new features will be added to the metaverse world in the coming time. Still, one sure thing is that metaverse is here to stay, and the online gaming market will boom in the upcoming years.
In this article, we have bought you a list of the best metaverse games to earn money. Our list includes Farmers World, Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Splinterlands, and Illuviam.

A metaverse game refers to an online game that allows millions of players to interact with each other in a 3D virtual world. Most of these games extensively use Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), where participants own virtual items such as real estate, weapons, cars, etc. In metaverse games, winners are primarily awarded crypto tokens. Thus, metaverse games are a blend of the virtual world, cryptocurrencies, augmented reality, NFTs, and blockchain.

Metaverse games list you can consider to earn Crypto rewards:

1. Farmers World:

Farmers World is an NFT game that runs on the WAX blockchain platform. Anyone can participate in the game and become a part of the Farmer’s ecosystem by registering and owning a WAX wallet and equipping essential tools to play the game. The tools you will need to earn in-game tokens include Wood (FWW), Food (FWF), and Gold (FWG).

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How can you earn rewards in Farmers World?

Mine resources: Have Wood, Food, or mine Gold to be sold in the marketplace. You can also swap the resources for other resources in the game using the Exchange option, for instance, Wood for Gold.
Raise animals and cultivate crops: You can sell farm animals and food in the secondary marketplace for a profit. There are cows, chickens, bulls, corn, barley, and more. Resources from animals are also exchangeable, such as Milk for Barley.

2. Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity is one of the best metaverse games to earn money and has a huge fan following. The online metaverse game supports Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies.
To play the game, you have to first obtain three Axies from the Axie Marketplace. Each Axie has distinct characteristics that determine their battle role. Before buying any Axies, one must know the method of the battle and the fundamentals of each Axie.

How to earn money on Axie Infinity?

The most popular way for new participants to earn on Axie Infinity is to play the game. As you make progress in the game, you get the Smooth Love Potion(SLP) as an in-game digital currency. The easiest way to gain SLP is by:

Finish your Daily Quest: To get 25 SLP, you must complete your daily check-in. This includes 10 Adventure mode levels and five Arena matches.
Adventure Mode – You can earn a maximum of 50 SLP each day by completing PvE missions known as ruins.
Arena Mode (Player vs. Player): Players must spend energy to battle in Arena battles. Your rating will depend on how much SLP you can win.

The online strategy video game has a huge fan following, and it sold the most expensive Axie ever at a valuation of $820,000.

3. Splinterlands:

Splinterlands is one of the top crypto games available in the market and is built on the Hive blockchain. The game can be found on Android mobile devices. The native currency of Splinterlands is Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). Hive blockchain supports decentralized apps, games as well as crypto wallets.
Players are allowed to convert some of their Splinterlands cards into ERC-721 tokens. Further, these can be traded on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. For veteran crypto users, Splinterlands has cross-compatibility with other blockchains such as Ethereum, Tron, and WAX. Players can earn money in Splinterlands through the below-listed ways:

  • Tournaments: If you are playing in the ranked mode, you can earn DEC rewards every time you win a battle. Besides, if you win two consecutive games, you get bonus DECs.
  • Receiving gifts: You can earn gifts by completing your daily quest. On top of this, you get season rewards every 15 days when a season ends.
  • Card flipping: Buying, selling, and then renting packs & cards can also help you earn income in this game.
  • Burning cards: To get DEC rewards, you can also burn cards. Burning a card means it has ceased to exist.

In the first quarter of 2022, Splinterlands’ announced the launch of SPS DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and SPS Oracles via its roadmap.

4. Illuviam:

Illuvium is another play-to-earn NFT creature collector and auto battler game that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The project will be released on PC and Mac in 2022.
Illuvium gives you a sense of complete ownership over your in-game assets. Every successful Illuvial capture, farmed material, or framed item is a NFT minted and stowed in your crypto wallet. Each NFT is checkable on the Ethereum blockchain to verify your ownership of that digital asset. By having actual custody of your assets, you get the authority to collect and trade NFTs in the marketplace at your choice.
Players can earn crypto in ILV tokens as in-game rewards by playing, completing PVE quests, achieving exceptional achievements, and triumphing in prizes in tournaments and events.
The Illuvium game has two ERC-20 cryptocurrencies, ILV (Illuvium) and sILV, that help power the game.

5. The Sandbox:

The Sandbox often occupies the top position when it comes to best metaverse games to make a monetary benefit. It is a play-to-earn decentralized game that is community driven and based on blockchain technology. The gaming platform allows users to play, create and monetize voxel assets as well as gaming experiences. Voxel assets are basically 3D pixels that are used to create 3D digital items.
Players can create digital assets and convert them into NFTs. These can then be uploaded to The Sandbox marketplace.

Players can add assets bought from the marketplace to their inventory if they want to use them on their LAND or avatar. Or else, you can put them into a game or can resell them on the marketplace.
SAND, an ERC-20 token that resides on the Ethereum blockchain is the native utility token used in the “The Sandbox” game.

How to earn rewards in The Sandbox?

In this game, the main motto is creating a unique item to help you fetch money. So, the first step is to be creative in order to earn rewards in The Sandbox.
If you are someone interested in art, create artwork, or if you are more into game design, create games and sell them to earn some SAND.
Besides, if you own a patch of LAND, you can easily make money. As more and more players invest in the game, the LAND rate goes up and can turn into a profit.
The gaming platform also allows users to rent out their LAND to either game designers or others who do not have their LAND. One can also earn SAND by participating in competitions.


The metaverse games list to earn crypto rewards discussed in this article doesn’t end here. That’s because many other metaverse games, such as Decentraland, Sorare, Metastrike, My Neighbor Alice, etc., can help you add additional income to your wallet. This list we have published is for informational purposes only; it is therefore recommended to do your own research before making any investment-related decision. The article’s information should not be interpreted as investment, legal, financial, or any other advice.

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