Launch of the User-Centric WEB3 Crowdfunding Platform

Place/Date: – October 10th, 2022 at 2:09 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: DF Platform

The race for web3 is on, and many businesses are entering the space to stay up with the trend. We discovered one platform that used web3 in a novel way.

Now, when every user wants to experience the maximum level of community and service, the adaptable ones succeed. DeFi 2.0 and DAO principles were used to create a decentralized Web3 crowdfunding platform, which we are happy to announce the launch of.  DF platform efficiently brings business and online Fintech together for maximum synergy and profit.

The platform is just being launched, but it is already ready to offer users profitable projects for financing and creating a powerful community around each project. When you register on the platform, during this week you will be able to see an attractive investment project with an annual return of more than 15% in the real estate market of Bali, Indonesia. You can join the Bali real estate investor community, which has experienced one of the highest growth rates in the world in recent years or join the creation of the crypto-financial future and fund a promising fintech project that wants to make crypto as accessible as fiat money for everyday use. Until the end of 2022, this platform will host a large number of lucrative businesses, of which these are just two examples. With the help of the DF platform, projects that enhance the world in which we all live can be developed where creativity and the right people can mingle.

But what makes DF a truly valuable tool is the unique P2P and P2B interaction. Users can independently make all important decisions regarding the selected projects for financing. The information is completely publicly available and each step is recorded in a smart contract. Blockchains like the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) allow for continuous expansion, the abolition of centralization, and an improvement in transaction speeds, allowing DF Platform to beat the industry norm.  Join the platform and our community now and get the most favorable conditions and promising projects in the early stages. The platform is easy to use, has built-in all popular wallet integration and a high level of security for all users. An app for Android and iOS versions will also be available this month.

Innovative and community-first initiatives are a description that captures the ethos of the DF Platform immaculately. Between the crowdfunding project creators, financial contributors, and all the participants who bring diverse skills to the table, DF Platform is democratizing crowdfunding by opening up the platform to everyone.

For more information about DF Platform readers can explore the following links: Website, Telegram, Twitter.

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