Musk Reveals Beijing Seeks Assurances that He Will Not Sell Starlink in China

Starlink is increasingly spreading its wings across different parts of the world.

According to Elon Musk, the Chinese government does not want him to sell Starlink in China. The Tesla CEO spoke to the Financial Times on different subjects, running from his offer to buy Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) and other topics, including his SpaceX’s satellite communications system. The report says Beijing does not approve of the billionaire’s unveiling of Starlink in Ukraine.

Elon Musk revealed that he had delivered 15,000 Starlinks to Ukraine in a video posted in June. The prime minister of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, also confirmed in May that their country has about 150,000 daily users of Starlink. The minister wrote in a tweet:

“Rough data on Starlink’s usage: around 150K active users per day. This is crucial support for Ukraine’s infrastructure and restoring the destroyed territories. Ukraine will stay connected no matter what.”

The nation’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy commended the satellite communication systems in an interview, stating that it has helped the people overcome its internet challenges. Also, the Ukrainian government is pleased with the intervention of the SpaceX communications systems to its aid.

Authorities in China Disapproves Starlink Rollout in Ukraine, Musk Says

The recent “Lunch with the FT” column on Elon Musk revealed the ongoings between Musk and China over its provision of Starlink in Ukraine. The report noted:

“Musk says Beijing has made clear its disapproval of his recent rollout of Starlink, SpaceX’’s satellite communications system, in Ukraine to help the military circumvent Russia’s cut-off of the internet.”

The report added that Elon Musk said, Beijing sought assurances that he would not sell Starlink in China. The newspaper did not indicate if the Tesla chief executive accepted or denied the request. China has refused to call the Russian attack on Ukraine an “invasion,” unlike the US. At the same time, over 20% of Tesla’s revenue comes from China. The EV giant also has a large factory in Shanghai.

Starlink’s Expansion

Starlink is increasingly spreading its wings across different parts of the world apart from Ukraine. An Iranian reporter recently asked the businessman to provide the communications systems to Iran, adding that “it could be a game changer to the world.” This came after Musk repealed that Stralink was active on all continents, including Antarctica. In response to the reporter, he said the communications system would need to ask for an exemption due to sanctions.

Furthermore, a Bipartisan group of lawmakers Treasury Secretary Janet Yallen to let Musk launch the satellite internet in Iran. The note urges the Treasury Secretary to “immediately” approve the request if submitted. The letter was led by New York Republican Claudia Tenny and New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski.

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