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Since cryptocurrency was introduced to the world, the crypto space has always been a buzz with activity. Here is the latest on Binance, Axie Infinity, and BudBlockz.


An exclusive rewards program for merchant partners, Binance Gift Card, has just been introduced. When they sell Binance gift cards as crypto assets on supporting exchanges, eligible merchants will get gift cards worth up to 5,000 BUSD per month during the activity period.

By creating a Binance account and completing this form, interested merchants can apply for the program.

In order to earn more BUSD Gift Card Rewards, merchants have the option to create gift cards and sell them to users.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has announced the “What is Axie Infinity” competition that will allow Axie Infinity fans to win 100AXS in rewards. To participate, fans must create a video, meme, slideshow, comedy, gameplay, song, art, meme, etc., that shows what Axie infinity means to them and submit them through the official submission form as well as post them on a social media platform.





BudBlockz is a new decentralized eCommerce platform and cannabis marketplace. The platform aims to give cannabis lovers access to a global cannabis market.

BudBlockz is the first blockchain platform to establish an open and fair platform where all cannabis enthusiasts can access a private, secure, decentralized marketplace operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

BudBlockz capitalizes on the growing legality of cannabis across the United States of America and other participating countries. Economic specialists estimate that the cannabis market will be valued at more than $176.5 billion by the beginning of the next decade. BudBlockz will play a major part in this growth by providing cannabis consumers with a revolutionary ecosystem where they can access top products and services.

BudBlockz token, $BLUNT will be the main medium of exchange between cannabis farms, dispensaries, CBD manufacturers, and individuals who wish to conduct peer-to-peer purchasing. $BLUNT will also serve as the governing token for the BudBlockz ecosystem.

Budblockz Solutions

Global Cannabis Dispensaries

BudBlockz will open cannabis dispensaries and partner with existing retail distributors worldwide in jurisdictions where recreational cannabis use is legal. This will allow cannabis lovers to access their favourite products and use their $BLUNT tokens. Even those who reside outside cannabis-friendly jurisdictions can participate in the BudBlockz ecosystem by purchasing NFT licenses for partial ownership of BudBlockz farms, dispensaries, and products.

$BLUNT Rewards

$BLUNT rewards are designed to drive the BudBlockz ecosystem through governance, staking, and rewards. $BLUNT holders can use the tokens to get promotions on different collectibles and products within the BudBlockz ecosystem. Users who stake their $BLUNTS to provide liquidity in the ecosystem are rewarded with more benefits.

Ecommerce Platform

BudBlockz eCommerce store seeks to give all weed supporters access to the best products on a secure and private marketplace. The online store will accept payments in the form of $BLUNT and will offer live chat support and informative explanations for all users.

NFT Marketplace

Cannabis enthusiasts worldwide can access BudBlockz collectibles through the BudBlockz NFT marketplace, in addition to platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible. Through the NFT Marketplace, customers will be able to participate in the aforementioned fractional ownership of cannabis-based businesses.

Final Word

There is no doubt that BudBlockz will revolutionize the cannabis industry by allowing ordinary people to own part of cannabis farms and dispensaries. Those who wish to participate must purchase a Ganja Guruz NFT, allowing them access to members-only spaces and ownership opportunities within legal jurisdictions. In addition to the NFT collection, it is clear that the possibilities for the BLUNT token are wide-ranging, leaving the BudBlockz project brimming with enormous growth potential.

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