BREAKING: Ethereum Rival TRON (TRX) merges with Heco to revolutionize blockchain ecosystem

  • Justin Sun announces the TRON Heco merger following his revelation about his investment in Huobi tokens.
  • Sun also revealed plans to revive the Huobi exchange after joining its advisory board.

After disclosing the amount of Huobi tokens he holds and his investment interest in the exchange, TRON founder, Justin Sun, has announced a merger between TRON and BitTorrent chain ecosystem with Heco. He added that the developers from the three ecosystems would work together to improve the Heco network.

Sun has been in the news for various reasons in the last 24 hours. In an interview on Friday, Sun said his current Huobi tokens (HT) are in the tens of millions. Sun’s announcement about a merger with Heco has positively impacted the price of TRON’s native token (TRX). Within one hour of the announcement, TRX’s price surged by more than 4 percent.

About Heco Chain

Heco chain is a decentralized, energy-efficient, and effective public chain that helps the evolution of developers from one stage to another. Apart from supporting high-performance transactions, it is also compatible with smart contracts. Heco’s merger with the TRON network is logical, given that the Huobi token is the native token of the Heco ecosystem.

The price of Huobi tokens spiked massively following the TRON founder’s disclosure of his Huobi token holdings. The integration of Heco with TRON has been a long-term objective of TRON developers, as connecting many chains is one of their primary objectives.

Last year, the team announced plans to support the Heco chain following the launch of the BitTorrent Chain testnet. Sun added that the TRON network would raise funds to accommodate all Heco developers so that they can join hands to build the TRON and BitTorrent chain.

Reviving Huobi exchange

Recently, Justin Sun became an advisory board member for Huobi global. After the announcement, he said he has plans to revive the popular crypto exchange. According to him, part of the revival plans would be business cooperation, brand upgrade, and empowerment.

Sun also said empowering Huobi’s native token is the key to reviving the crypto exchange. He added that the exchange advisory board would unite all fractions in the exchange to move the company forward in the shortest period. The TRON founder, who claims to be speaking on behalf of the board, said the company has no intention of returning to China.

Instead, it would seek to become a global exchange. Recent changes to the Huobi leadership position have accelerated the implementation of this revival plan.

The latest data shows that the Huobi token’s price is up 1.42 percent in the last 24 hours and trades at $7.56. TRON (TRX)’s price is also up 2.02 percent within the same period and trades at $0.0631, according to the same data.