Crypto Price Today Oct 15th: Top Gainers And Losers

Published 21 mins ago

Crypto price today Oct 15th: Amid the recent release of CPI data, the crypto market suffered high volatility but continued to follow a sideways path. Thus, wrestling with the uncertain market sentiment, some cryptocurrencies have registered strong gains and losses. Let us analyze them below.


Market leaders:

The Bitcoin price currently trades at $19157, with a 0.1% intraday loss, While the Ethereum(ETH) price trades at $1284 and reveals a 0.9% drop.



The Quant coin price has been rising for three consecutive days and has offered a massive breakout from the multi-month resistance zone of $158-$155.5. The significant volume jump during this rally shows that buyers strongly interested in this breakout.

The coin price currently trades at $185.7 with a percentage jump of 11.83. However, the altcoin should revert and retest the breached resistance of $158-$155.5, offering an entry opportunity for interested buyers.

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The Maker coin price showed a steady rally since late September and reached two month high of $1111.14. However, with the recent sell-off and volatility in the crypto market, altcoin showed a minor correction and retested $890 support.

Today, the coin price shows a 5% jump and trades at the $960 mark. A bullish-morning star candle pattern hints at the resumption of prevailing recovery. Thus, this pullback opportunity should offer an entry opportunity with a near-term target of 10%.


Since last month, the Terra coin price has retested the $2.27-$2.2 support several times, indicating that buyers are actively accumulating at this level. As a result, altcoin rebounded from this support and surged 28% to trade at $2.8.

The rounding bottom recovery has breached a local resistance of $2.7-2.6 which should offer suitable footing for buyers. Thus, the post-retest rally may push the prices 15% higher to hit $3.26



The Huobi token price has showcased a perpendicular growth since the week started. The altcoin doubled its market value as the price jumped from $4.07 to $8.15.

However, such sudden prices usually attract price corrections to check their sustainability. Thus, the HT currently trades at 7.2 with an intraday loss of 5%. This expected retracement could plunge the price to $6.7 or $6.1 before resuming the price rally.


The Chiliz coin price continuing its downward path has recently breached monthly support of $0.184. Currently, the altcoin exchange hands at $0.177 with an intraday loss of 1.33%. 

However, the lower price rejection showcase in the daily candle indicates a possible retest to the breached support. The post-retest downfall should pull the prices 9.3% down to $0.16 support.


On October 14th, the Solana coin price gave a bearish breakdown from the $30.5 neckline support of descending triangle pattern. The Ethereum killer currently trades at 30 and tries to retest the $30.5 mark as potential resistance.


If the selling pressure persists, the prices should drop 13% to hit the $26 mark.

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