These Launchpads Will Propel Your Crypto Project To Fame – Binance, Polkastarter and MetaDexa

Place/Date: – October 16th, 2022 at 1:54 pm UTC · 4 min read
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Today, more and more people want to start their own crypto project. Whether it be the promise of fortunes, innovating blockchain technology, creating a supportive community or initiating a world-changing charity project. Despite the bear market, crypto projects are hot right now.

However, like starting your own business, no crypto project, no matter how breathtakingly useful it is,  cannot be successful from the ground up. If investors do not know about your project, are not appealed by your website design, do not like your colour scheme or even the lack of information available on the internet to research it, then the project is more or less doomed to irrelevancy.

This is where crypto launchpads like MetaDexa come in.

What Is A Crypto Launchpad?

A crypto launchpad is a place that provides investors with information about early crypto projects before they are released publicly.

Many crypto-enthusiasts like launchpads as they provide them with a way of investing more cheaply than at a later stage of release. On the other side of the spectrum, a crypto launchpad provides new crypto projects with exposure and investment. This makes the platform a win-win scenario for both investors and creators.

Binance Launchpad- Expose Your Project To Binance Users

Perhaps one of the most widely known launchpads and launchpools, Binance helps and advises project teams on how to launch their crypto tokens. They offer numerous services such as post-listing and some marketing support to allow crypto developers to focus on building quality projects. Equally, Binance is one of the most used crypto platforms of all time, making the exposure it provides really significant.

Polkastarter Has A Project Market Cap Of $375 Million

In stark contrast to Binance Launchpad, Polka Starter is a decentralised multi-chain protocol for launching crypto projects. What this means is that the platform is community managed and owned, with no intermediary in control.

With a good track record of 111 ideas already funded and a project market capitalisation of $375 million, Polkastarter helps projects get off the ground through a decentralised council and internal team of analysts.

MetaDexa- A Large Team Of Creative And Technical Experts Will Boost Your Project To Stardom

These Launchpads Will Propel Your Crypto Project To Fame - Binance, Polkastarter and MetaDexa

MetaDexa is a lesser-known crypto launchpad than Binance or Polkastarter, but still very much worth mentioning. Unlike previous launchpads listed here, MetaDexa uses the power of marketing and technology combined to provide budding crypto projects with the reach they deserve.

Claiming to be the biggest marketing platform in crypto, MetaDexa has a team of hundreds of journalists that will be able to write informative articles on your crypto project. This is one of the best ways a project gains traction, as the articles will be able to boost the project’s SEO ranking (how high mentions of it appear on google searches). For instance, if an investor searches “early crypto projects to invest in 2022”, a good SEO would rank a crypto project highly and potentially attract investors.

MetaDexa would not be prioritising quantity over quality either. In addition to a large team of journalists, a group of technical experts would also be aiding the journalists in generating high traffic and eventual investments.

Which Launchpad Will Best Enable A Crypto Project To Take Off?

As the crypto world grows to maturity, crypto project teams are realising that marketing is everything. Without strong social media channels, adverts, press releases or even well-written news articles, investors would never get word of a budding crypto project in the first place. This is what makes MetaDexa a more modern launchpad choice for young projects. Because without word of mouth, investors would never get to lay their eyes on the next big hit.

For more information on MetaDexa: launch a project, website, Telegram.

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