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Coinwire Admin: Hello everyone!!!! Welcome back to another wonderful AMA with BSCDaily!!! Today, we welcome Mr. Oleksii Herasymchyk from Bit5 to our community. How are you doing?

Oleksii Herasymchyk: Perfect! Thanks. What about you?

Coinwire Admin: Hey glad to see you here in BSCDaily! I’m doing fantastic Oleksii! Thanks for asking. This AMA is gonna be sooo much fun too. Bit5 is a cool project and I would love to spread more words about it! So Oleksii Herasymchyk, are you ready to begin the AMA session? Or do you have anything to say before we do so?

Oleksii Herasymchyk: I’m ready. Let’s have fun and learn something special!

Coinwire Admin: Loving the spirit already! So, let’s kick this AMA off with our first segment: Q&A with the host. Here’s my question for Mr. Oleksii to start with:

Q1: Briefly introduce yourself and the team behind Bit5. Are you public? How experienced are you in creating a sustainable blockchain project?

Oleksii Herasymchyk: Hello everyone again! I would like to introduce myself and my project Bit5 Company. My name is Oleksii Herasymchyk, I’m CEO of Bit5 Company, also CEO in p2e Heroes Battle Arena, Advisor in p2e ParadoxRealm and CPO in Handy. Behind Bit5 we have few huge and successful traders in crypto, who have well known names. But they made the decision to be non-public at this moment until we will not release most of our products. Our investors work with sports celebrities also, so it’s not surprising that we will release a sport-centric application in the near future. 

Of course, we have a marketing and development department. In Total, our staff has 20+ members right now. And after launching our products we will hire more. So, our audience can learn more about us, our products and how to earn with Bit5 more and more ✅

Coinwire Admin: Oh, a very busy and talented man we have here in BSCDaily 💪

Oleksii Herasymchyk: Thanks Daley

Coinwire Admin: So you are very confident in your ability to make Bit5 a renowned project in the future because of the wonderful line-up you have there. Let’s get to know more about Bit5 then!

Q2: What is Bit5 in short? What is Bit5 trying to achieve in Web3?

Oleksii Herasymchyk: Thanks for this question. I will try to answer shortly. We want to create fair and transparent financial instruments for everyone via the web3 ecosystem of products that can bring much more financial opportunities than our competitors. Bit5 Company in nowadays consist from few products that have different development status, but they will be released in next 6-8 months

  1. First of all it’s our Core – Reward System that indexes all transactions more than 50$ worth in $BIT5 and selects winners on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Reward system will index all transactions in all our products.
  2. The next step is our NFT Game based on Monopoly – Bit5 Magnate. This game is already in beta testing. This is a place where people can buy a house and earn rent from it. Or buy NFT and hold it for future resale. We will give many strategies for everyone to earn more in the game. And our Reward System will index your transaction in the game too!

In this case, by playing, you can win more! These two products are ready to launch and finish the last testing. In development status we have NFT Marketplace, our own Wallet (Mobile, web and extension) and sport-centric application. It’s our timeline in roadmap for next months ✅

Coinwire Admin: Hot damn. Can’t wait until we get the official leaks of the gameplay man! Big fan of monopoly, and Bit5 Magnate is basically Monopoly but gives actual money! Ok so:

Q3: How does the platform work? How should we participate in Bit5 basically, seems like there are many things to do but I don’t know where to start

Oleksii Herasymchyk: I will explain, don’t worry. It’s easy like using Facebook 😏 First of all, users need to own account in our system. It’s very easy, absolutely anonymous. They need to link BTC wallet and BEP20 wallet only. BTC wallets are needed to receive rewards after each month. If u won 😄 BEP20 wallets are needed to receive daily and weekly rewards and also we will know that its registered in our system user indexing all time. Next and final step – buy tokens on the exchange and buy more, or sell, or transfer it. Or use it to play the game. There are many different ways to use it. But most important – transactions with tokens. More transactions – more chances to be selected as winner. Unlike the lottery, with us you control your actions and the prize can be a companion and addition to the prizes from the game. This is as an example ✅

Coinwire Admin: Interesting 🤔 So the goals are to create a fair, transparent financial instruments for everyone via Web3. and Bit5 is doing that with its first Reward System, and it works similarly to Lottery

Q4: What are the other ways we can earn money from Bit5? How much money will be given away as rewards for participants?

Oleksii Herasymchyk: Many ways and a lot of money. First about ways:

  1. Hold token from the start of trading (i will explain later why it’s important)
  2. Make transaction and win few BTC
  3. Create your own referral network and earn passive income in BTC as the leader of the best network. Actually we have 2 BTC for this
  4. Buy DICES for the game in pre-sale and earn money after game start
  5. Buy companies in pre-sale and earn money via rent payments or resell companies later (golden card!)
  6. Collect 1 line in the table in the game and receive: 10,000$ in Bronze Level, 100,000$ in Silver Level and One Million Dollars (1,000,000$) in Gold Level
  7. Receive daily reward in $BNB
  8. Receive weekly reward in $ETH

About money: As I said previously, we have: Daily, Weekly rewards. 5 BTC is reserved each month as the main prize for 5 winners, $1,5M reserved for our game winners. And it’s all just for 2 products that will be released in the next 2-3 weeks. 

Everyone can ask right now: Guys, where do you get so much money? Answer: We already invested a big amount of money to develop all of this. Without any seed or private rounds. We don’t ask for any financial advice or support (as you can see). Our sources are from other businesses and we expect to sell all assets in our game. It will cover everything ✅

Coinwire Admin: Very nice!

Q5: Walk us through your token BIT5 and its importance in the Bit5 platform please. Where can we buy BIT5 now?

Oleksii Herasymchyk: Good question. Can I explain tokenomic here too?

Coinwire Admin: please do!

Oleksii Herasymchyk: Ok. I guess, u will not find any other project in the market right now with such number of products and opportunities, as can give Bit5 😏 And our tokenomic can prove it 😏 100% of tokens will be diluted in liquidity 🔥

  • No team allocations
  • No advisor allocations
  • No other extra allocations
  • All tokens in liquidity
  • And BURN 🔥
  • 30% of tokens from purchase of companies will be burn
  • 100$ of royalties from NFT Marketplace and companies resell will be burn

Just imagine, how lucky you can be if you will buy in dip 😜 Right now we are finishing all preparation to launch our token with the launch of our system and NFT Game. Everything will be launched on the same day. So, I want to invite to subscribe all our social accounts to receive good news about launch and buy more and more ✅

Coinwire Admin: I think it’s time we should talk more about this game too! 

Q6: The game is called “Bit5 Magnate”, can you introduce the game and its rewards system?

Oleksii Herasymchyk: Yes: Game consist from 2 types of NFTs:

  • Dices
  • Companies

We have a limited number of Dices – 10M NFTs. And also a limited number of companies. In the game user can have 3 levels and available number of table in each level:

  • Bronze – 40 tables
  • Silver – 10 tables
  • Gold – 1 table

In each level you can play in a few tables. And If u have for example Silver level, you can also play in Bronze and Silver level. But cant in the Gold. In the table, there are 4 sides (we call them Lines). In one Line available 90 companies and 10 additional cards “Chance”. Each turn requires 1 DICE. After each turn in the exit table, the user will receive results – company without owner, company with owner or chance. If you receive company without an owner – u can buy it. If you receive company from the owner – you will pay rent. Main goal – collect only 1 line to receive maximum rewards. Or have a maximal number of companies in the table. Rewards:

  • 10,000$ in Bronze Level
  • 100,000$ in Silver Level
  • One Million Dollars (1,000,000$) in Gold Level

Winner will receive new level and rewards ✅

Coinwire Admin: That’s very detailed! Thank you for the explanation. So with all of the wonderful features that you have to help people earn money with Web3:

Q7: How do you ensure investors that Bit5 is a sustainable platform to safely invest in?

Oleksii Herasymchyk: We covered all development with our funds, audited smart contracts for our token, ordered audit for smart contracts in the game. Before launch we will show all wallets with BNB/ETH/BTC for rewards where everyone can check it: locked liquidity and simple Tokenomic. I guess we closed all the risks that are very popular in web3 right now. Invest and lose without any product ✅

Coinwire Admin: Fair 🤝 All of the things that we discussed are not financial advices as well people, remember to do your own research! Right, let’s head to our last question with Bit5:

Q8: What plans do you have to increase public’s awareness on Bit5? Where can we learn more about you?

Oleksii Herasymchyk: Very important question, thanks. We already launched a few AMA events where people can know about us. Also started releasing reviews on Youtube. We confirm agreements with a few celebrities to promote us after launch. We are working and will be ready to release partnership agreements next week. Also all our social media is working very hard to make a well known brand for Bit5. In our plans to launch Ambassador Program and after launch Reward System will work network building ✅

Coinwire Admin: Remember to check out their social peeps!!

Oleksii Herasymchyk: And create a profile in our system! 

Coinwire Admin: That’s right! Link 2 wallets BTC and BEP20 too!

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Bit5🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Oleksii Herasymchyk: Yeap. Guys, thanks for this invite and opportunity! I would like to invite everyone to join in this journey. As you can see, we are transparent, don’t ask for funds and be ready to release products asap. Welcome and glad to see everyone in our community ❤️✅

Coinwire Admin: Anytime man! It was informative talking to you! Learn quite much about Bit5 as well! It’s been a pleasure Oleksii! Take care