Nested Made DeFi Accessible to All

The wilderness of decentralized finance (DeFi) and its consequent lack of accessibility have warded off too many potential users from centralized finance (CeFi).

The latter makes the possibility of mass adoption all but a sweet dream. A hard-to-digest user experience that narrows users to diehard crypto fans; steep fees that exclude many; a dire lack of technical guidance leading to expedited liquidations; and the absence of community-oriented mechanisms to incentivize users to share more — DeFi has a lot of work to do before turning the dream of mass adoption into reality.

Hope isn’t dead though – it just needs a little push.

Nested: where every crypto journey should start!

First, what is a dApp? A dApp is a platform running on a decentralized protocol like Ethereum or Polygon. Users always are responsible for their choices and own their funds, e.g., nobody can use them or seize them! What happened in CeFi recently with Celsius or Voyager cannot happen in the DeFi space.

In the coming years, there will be a natural shift from CeFi to DeFi, and the biggest centralized exchanges know it-it is the main reason Binance and Coinbase are integrating DeFi features into their applications.

Nested revolutionizes accessibility to Web3 investments through a one-stop decentralized application (dApp) every mom and dad can trade on. 

The team behind this fantastic project understood all the challenges to solve and make DeFi mainstream.

Indeed, Nested is the first dApp to deliver a seamless experience similar to what investors are accustomed to on Robinhood or other CeFi applications, including:

  • Social login. 
  • On-ramp, and off-ramp solutions.
  • An intuitive and complete user experience.

Social login

The creation of a web3 wallet can be difficult for newcomers, and very hard to manage for beginners. The 24-word seed phrase is a new concept the masses cannot understand well yet. 

On Nested, users are not disoriented. Users can log in to the platform as on any centralized application: only a Twitter/Google account, a mail, or a phone number is needed! 

Authentication process on Nested

Nested suggests people use a hardware wallet to secure their private key, but the team understands mass adoption cannot happen this way, and there must be a transition before people start using the best practices. 

On-ramp and off-ramp solutions

Nested offers their users the option to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat – ETH, MATIC, USDC, and many more. The cherry on top is users do not need to fill out a KYC form to buy cryptocurrencies for up to $1000 per day and $100,000 per year. This feature obviously makes onboarding easier. 

Add funds process on Nested.

An intuitive and complete user experience

Once the users complete the two steps above, they can jump-start a crypto portfolio in less than 5 minutes and at the touch of a button!

Portfolio creation process on Nested.

They can do it themselves with the complete and powerful Neseted portfolio management interface, or they can copy a portfolio from the most performing traders, all displayed in the Nested dApp, and be notified every time a change happens through push, email, or Telegram notifications.

Nested explorer tab

To reward traders, every time a portfolio is copied, the owner earns a part of the platform’s fees – royalties. Users can then earn money when they trade or do not! 

Rudy Kadoch, Nested founder, said: “I had to onboard many people in this space during parties or dinners.” Most of the time, it fails. DeFi is technically impossible to access, and CeFi lacks guidance.

With Nested, I can onboard anyone into DeFi without any KYC in less than 10 minutes while making sure they follow the best traders.”

NFTs are not only JPEG – at least on Nested. 

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) will shortly represent most non-fungible assets worldwide – they can be sneakers and derived products such as financial options! 

Whenever a user creates or copies a portfolio on Nested, an NFT comes to life and represents the strategy – called a NestedNFT. 

If users want to transfer the ownership of a portfolio to someone else, they do not have to send all the assets one by one anymore; they just have to transfer the NestedNFT. 

Finally, Nested raised more than $8 million from the most renowned investors, including Jump and Alan Howard.

Already more than 60,000 strategies have been created, and thousands of dollars have been shared with the community as royalties.

Nested is a fantastic example of a DeFi protocol that is pushing to bring people into the world of DeFi with a complete and intuitive user experience.

Nested’s official links:

Homepage | dApp | Twitter | Discord


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