EPILLO Health announces private sale of the EPILLO Token from 30th October 2022




The mission of Epillo Health Systems OÜ is to provide health and fitness solutions to the general public. The Epillo team is committed to redefining the future of healthcare by implementing blockchain technology, the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and Web 3.0 to lower healthcare costs, improve access to care, and boost patient satisfaction.

The EPILLO token will be available at a special early bird price beginning on October 30th, 2022. This is a chance to join the cutting-edge Epillo ecosystem and help shape the company’s future.

About The Epillo Token

EPILLO, or the Epillo Health Token, is the platform’s foundational token. The token will be deployed on the Polygon chain, an ethereum scaling blockchain, and was developed using the next-generation smart contract standard, ERC-1155. According to the company, the EPILLO token is scheduled to launch on multiple centralized exchanges by the end of the year. Customers of the Fitmint Wear, a next-generation wearable device, will also have access to the token as a means of motivation to increase their activity levels. The maximum number of tokens that will ever be created is 5 billion.

Token Utilities

Tokens will be used for a variety of Fitmint Wear-related purposes, one of the most prominent of which is to introduce a gaming element into users’ workouts to encourage them to become more physically active. The more calories you burn, the more EPILLO you’ll produce via this mechanism. The token can be used for more than just that, though. Token’s multiple uses across the Epillo Ecosystem contribute to its overall mission of fostering economic growth (consumer healthcare, health-tech and digital health, health food and beverages, and blockchain health and fitness). There will be a wide variety of applications for EPILLO, including but not limited to:

  • Purchase and powering of the Web 3.0 smartwatch.
  • Availing global health consultation and digital health services.
  • Access to gameplay in Fitmint Wear. 
  • Gene/DNA testing. 
  • Health and fitness e-commerce marketplace.
  • Minting NFTs and access to NFT marketplace.
  • Staking and swapping.
  • Redemption against health-food offerings.
  • Medical fundraising in the research projects.
  • Investments in retail health stores.





The first pre-sale of the EPILLO token will begin on November 15th, 2022. For this first stage, the company expects to sell 10% of the total supply at a discounted price of $ 0.55, i.e., at a staggering discount of 33% from its premium listing price. Furthermore, for the benefit of the community and the investors, the EPILLO coins 10% of the tokens sold during the private sale be generated at the Token Generation Event, and the rest will have a two-month vesting period. It will be released to the wallets 25% each month after that once this period expires. The company will initiate the listing in exchanges in December 2022 and simultaneously take the Token Generation Event. 

The allocation of the pre-sale will be distributed as follows:

10% – Development of Blockchain-based IoT & smart wearables.

15 % – Furtherance of Blockchain & Health-Tech Research & development, including the development of Tech on WIPO gazetted patent on the blockchain-based drug-food interactions. This includes purchasing AI and ML Markers.

30 % – Liquidity for listing, fee for exchanges.

20 % – Retail Health & Medical Infrastructure [Global expansion]

10 % – Supply of Health & Medical products & services

10 % – Marketing

5 % – Team Building


The Epillo Health Systems group is a well-established company in the healthcare industry. With its upcoming wearable solution launch, it is expected to develop even further in the fitness sector. The token’s pre-sale represents a unique opportunity for interested investors and healthcare and fitness community members to participate in this project. If you wish to know more about the company or the pre-sale, please visit their website: www.epillo.io.