Axie Infinity Price Prediction Bearish, But These Gaming Tokens Could 10x

Despite the huge potential and market cap of Axie Infinity, the popular play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrency, investors have witnessed a decline in growth with the ongoing AXS price correction since its all time high reached in late 2021. Some investors have begun searching for the next Axie Infinity, including two new P2E platforms – Calvaria and Tamadoge

A new P2E game currently on presale, Calvaria aims to fix the problems of blockchain-based games by offering a free-to-play game whilst also combining in-game tokenomics with its native cryptocurrency. 

Similarly, Tamadoge’s deflationary tokenomics and playable NFT characters have quickly made it one of the most trending P2E games – offering huge returns after its launch on exchange listings. This guide analyzes Axie Infinity’s bearish price prediction while giving an in-depth analysis of two of the best alternatives to the popular cryptocurrency.

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Axie Infinity Bearish Price Prediction

Axie Infinity (AXS) emerged as one of the top metaverse-based cryptocurrency platforms after rising from under $1 to an all-time high (ATH) of $165 in 2021. However, the multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency has dropped below $10 after a bearish run in 2022. 

Despite boasting a market cap of more than $880 million – many are speculating on a further price correction for the AXS token. In October 2022, the popular altcoin lost over $200 million of its valuation. From $13 on 6th October, the token plunged to a low of $8.3 – a 36% price correction.

While the most popular altcoins such as Ethereum have shown upwards momentum in the last week, Axie Infinity’s price correction can be credited due to an upcoming token sale. The bearish momentum is due to speculations that Axie Infinity private investors will let go of their holdings after the recent token unlock and distribution. 

On October 25th 2022, AXS distributed 8% of their token supply through a token unlock round – equating to 21.5 million coins. AXS has faced a price correction during each of the last 4 token unlock rounds.

Conducting one of the best crypto private sales in 2020, Axie Infinity raised $840,000 by selling just 10.8 million AXS – equating to $0.08 per token. Thus, even at the current level of $9.27 – this would be more than a 120x price return. 

Calvaria – The Best New Play-to-Earn Crypto Token

One of the best alternatives to Axie Infinity’s ecosystem is Calvaria – a P2E battle-card game which offers in-game tokenomics through various Player V Player competitions, single-player campaigns and multiplayer tournaments. 

On Calvaria, players can purchase various in-game cards and decks minted as ERC-721 smart contracts. Each card offers different features and characteristics, offering sole ownership to the holder. The main aim of the Calvaria game is to leverage the NFT cards and battle characters to outwit your opponents to win in-game rewards. 

The in-game currency is $eRIA – which is used to purchase the NFT cards, upgrade your assets and purchase various other items. All the items can be bought with eRIA through the in-game store. 

However, the native cryptocurrency of Calvaria is $RIA – which is an ERC-20 token. The project’s central token, RIA, is used to maintain the in-game economy. Tournament and competition rewards are distributed to participants via RIA – which can be held as an investment.

An ERC-20 token, RIA offers staking opportunities to investors as well. After every purchase conducted with the token, 10% will be distributed to the staking protocol, while 90% will be allotted to the prize pools. One of the main use cases of $RIA is that it offers voting and decision-making rights on Calvaria’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 

The DAO can be accessed by staking RIA, with more voting rights being granted, depending on the number of tokens staked. Offering a 0% charge per transaction, RIA is a cost-effective cryptocurrency to hold. 

Notably, Calvaria will also have a free-to-play (F2P) version for users – making it easily accessible. One of the reasons why Axie Infinity has failed to keep users is due to the high costs of the available NFTs – costing a few hundred dollars per piece. 

The F2P game will also include a gamified educational mode – which releases rewards to players who learn about blockchain-based topics. To get more information regarding this project, read the Calvaria whitepaper. 

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Calvaria Presale – Next Axie Infinity?

With a total token supply of 1 billion – Calvaria is making 30% of the tokens available through an ongoing presale. 300 million tokens will be distributed throughout 10 presale rounds. Currently, on stage 2 of the presale, investors can purchase RIA tokens with USDT. Priced at just $0.015 per token, 1 USDT will reward investors with 66.67 $RIA tokens. 

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Interested readers can invest in the token before the 3rd presale stage, making RIA available for $0.02 per token. Currently, stage 2 offers 60 million tokens – of which 47% of RIA have been sold out. The ongoing presale stage has raised 356,000 of $750,000 USDT. 

In total, Calvaria (RIA) aims to raise a hard cap total of 9.75 million USDT by the end of the 10 presale rounds. In comparison, top platforms like Axie Infinity have a market cap of 880 million – nearly a 100x difference. 

By 2023, Calvaria has the potential to offer 10x returns – which would put $RIA at a market cap of only $97.5 million. Due to the available benefits of holding the token – including access to tournament rewards and DAO participation, $RIA can become one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency investments. 

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Tamadoge – Top Meme Play-to-Earn Cryptocurrency 

Another choice for the top play-to-earn cryptocurrency tokens to invest in is Tamadoge (TAMA). The TAMA token operates as the native cryptocurrency on the Tamaverse – a virtual platform offering various in-game earning opportunities. 

With a maximum token supply of just 2 billion, Tamadoge’s development team burns 5% of all tokens spent on the ecosystem. This ensures that the demand stays strong in the long term as the supply keeps reducing. 30% of the tokens spent are used for marketing activities, while the remaining 65% is distributed among P2E prize pools. 

One of the main use cases of TAMA is to purchase Tamadoge Pets – which are virtual avatars of pet dogs minted as NFTs. On the platform, members can purchase Tamadoge Pets on the Tama store – choosing from a wide range of rare, ultra-rare and common NFTs. Eventually, Tamadoge will host community-wide competitions – where users can compete with their NFTs. 

Points will be distributed on a monthly leaderboard, with the top performers being rewarded with TAMA tokens. Similar to Calvaria, TAMA charges 0% of transactions from customers. This is because the project believes that funds should be created through in-game operations rather than from the platform members. 

According to the Tamadoge whitepaper, the platform aims to incorporate new P2E elements in the upcoming years. One of the key projects the cryptocurrency is working on is a P2E Tamadoge app – which will retain the same P2E dynamics as the web-based platform. 

Tamadoge also aims to release a P2E-style arcade game, rewarding players with physical Tamadoge rewards. 

Tamadoge Offers a 10x Price Increase after Launch 

From the total supply of 2 billion tokens, 50% of TAMA was made available during the presale. Ending in August 2022, TAMA raised over $19 million to end an 8-week-long presale event. After making the token available for only $0.01 during the presale launch – TAMA ended its presale at a price of $0.03 – a 300% price increase. 

The Tamadoge team has reserved 20% of all the available tokens for future listings on centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchange listings. In September 2022, Tamadoge was launched on OKX – one of the biggest crypto exchanges with a user base of more than 20 million traders. TAMA token launched on OKX’s DEX and CEX – making it available to all users, regardless of any geographical restrictions. 

After launching at $0.03 per token, TAMA enjoyed massive upwards momentum. TAMA reached an ATH of $0.19 – a 5,33% price increase. Compared to the presale launch at $0.01 – the token increased by more than 1,800%. Tamadoge is now consolidating at $0.023 – $0.025 per token heading into November 2022. 

While price corrections are regular among new crypto assets, Tamadoge offers multiple use cases and has ‘high growth potential’ as highlighted in Cointelegraph. 

Compared to meme tokens like Dogecoin, Tamadoge offers a deflationary token supply. Furthermore, users can trade NFTs as investments or leverage the Tamadoge Pets to earn rewards on the ecosystem. 

From its current price, a 10x price increase would take TAMA to $0.22 per token – which is only 15% higher than the token’s previous highs. 

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