WhiteBIT Token gets ready to be added to another world-class crypto exchange

WhiteBIT has gathered a massive community of fans around its recently minted asset — WhiteBIT Token. It started gaining wide popularity even before the public sale. The token is already available for trading against USDT on Huobi and Gate crypto exchanges.

Now we are to see the token on the third crypto exchange — MEXC, with a daily volume exceeding $2 billion. The trading will start on November 2 at 2:00 p.m. UTC. The asset will also be paired against USDT.

The token’s purpose is to empower the WhiteBIT ecosystem and provide its holders and owners with a number of bonuses:

  • free checks for anti-money laundering
  • up to 100% discounts for trading fees
  • 40%-50% referral rates
  • free withdrawals of ERC-20/ETH tokens

WBT can already be used as collateral for trading on the WhiteBIT itself and has proved to be a promising income tool with an ATH of $13.88.

The total WBT supply is 400M, with half of them locked as treasury tokens. The unlocking schedule is designed for 36 months, starting from the final private sale round. The last tokens should be released in March 2026.

WhiteBIT also burns a certain amount of WBT every week. It plans to eventually destroy up to half of the total WBT supply with the help of the burning mechanism. It also helps to maintain and push the asset’s current value to grow.

The further development plan presupposes the integration of WBT into the real economy sector, launching the second network to decrease transaction costs, transition to its own blockchain, and more.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.