XRP Lawsuit News Live: Coinbase To Support Ripple; Seeks Court’s Leave To File Amicus Brief

(XRP Lawsuit News Live): The long running legal tussle between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple has reached the Summary Judgement phase. Both parties have filed motions for summary judgment in the XRP lawsuit.

Ripple seems to be getting momentum in the XRP lawsuit as many individuals and firms have asked the court for permission to file Amicus Briefs.

However, Ripple’s native crypto, XRP price has surged by 37% over the past 60 days due to positive updates coming from the lawsuit.

XRP Lawsuit News Live Updates


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More Amicus Curiae to enter XRP lawsuit

The Crypto Council for Innovation has requested permission to file an Amicus Brief in support of Ripple’s Defendants’ Brief in Opposition to the SEC’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

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Coinbase To Support Ripple

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange has filed a request to file an Amicus Brief in Support of Ripple’s Fair Notice Defense.

Coinbase delisted Ripple’s native crypto, XRP after US SEC filed a lawsuit against the blockchain firm.

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