6 Best Crypto Presales to Invest in Before They Sell Out

With early-stage presales offering some of the best opportunities in the crypto space, many investors are on the hunt for the best crypto presale to invest in.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the six best crypto presales 2022 and highlighting our favorite aspects of each project. Let’s get started. 

The Best Crypto Presales to Invest in Now

Below, we’ve opted to include a brief summary of each presale crypto. Our detailed reviews can be found in the next section.

  1. Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Intelligence Platform Powered by ERC Token
  2. IMPT – Sustainable Crypto Project Reducing Carbon Output
  3. Calvaria – Highly Scalable P2E Crypto Card Game
  4. Cryptoffer – DEX and Loan Platform Aggregator
  5. Galileo – Turning Physical Items into NFTs to Facilitate Simple Trading
  6. Stackspace – Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace and Crypto Game Launchpad

1. Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Intelligence Platform Powered by ERC Token

Analytics-driven crypto intelligence platform Dash 2 Trade (D2T) has captured the attention of investors across the globe after the project’s native ERC-20 token, D2T, sold out the first stage of its presale in just three days and raised nearly $5 million in two weeks.

Right now, Dash 2 Trade is in the second stage of a nine-stage cryptocurrency presale with D2T tokens selling for $0.05. 

However, this figure will incrementally increase after the conclusion of each presale stage. During the next stage, prices will increase from $0.05 to $0.0513, with this trend continuing throughout subsequent phases until D2T hits $0.0662 in the final stage.

The D2T token keeps the Dash 2 Trade platform running smoothly and is used to pay for advanced features on the analytics platform such as a powerful strategy backtester. Additionally, the D2T token is used to pay for subscriptions to the platform, a choice that could boost demand for the token significantly, potentially leading to huge growth for this new cryptocurrency.

Memberships to Dash 2 Trade are split into the following tiers:

  • Free – Members can explore Dash 2 Trade and gain access to limited on-chain data.
  • Starter (400 D2T per month) –  Provides access to all Dash 2 Trade features and foundational-level data. 
  • Premium (1,000 D2T per month or 9,600 D2T per year) – Premium subscribers can get access to Dash 2 Trade’s advanced data streams and detailed presale insights. 

As one of the best cryptocurrency presales are currently available, Dash 2 Trade boasts a wide range of useful tools. The platform will launch with a range of social metrics, a presale scoring system with insights, news feeds, and a tracker for new listing announcements. 

Later down the line (Q4 2023), Dash 2 Trade will release a trading competition and an automated trading API. 

With Dash 2 Trade providing crypto enthusiasts with a powerful toolset that can be used to increase success rates when trading or investing, it’s no surprise that people are rushing to invest in D2T tokens. Check out the Dash 2 Trade today before the cryptocurrency presale price increases.  

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2. IMPT – Sustainable Crypto Project Reducing Carbon Output

IMPT is a new presale crypto aiming to help reduce the world’s carbon footprint via the tokenization of credits equivalent to the offset of one ton of carbon. 

This has proven to be a very popular concept with the IMPT token presale raising over $12 million since its early October release. 

IMPT is perhaps the best crypto presale to invest in right now, with the project currently in the second stage of its $41.1 million presale. 

During this second phase, 660 million IMPT are available for $0.023, however, after they’re sold, the price of IMPT will increase to $0.028 during the third phase – as such, it’s rewarding to invest in this presale cryptocurrency early

The mandatory and voluntary carbon offset markets together are worth an estimated $273 billion. However, the sector remains plagued with bad actors and lacks transparency. IMPT aims to change this by converting carbon credits into NFTs and only working with environmental organizations that have been audited by a third party, boosting consumer confidence.

To ensure everyone has an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, IMPT has created multiple ways for carbon credits to be acquired. They can be purchased from the IMPT website, and earned by shopping with 10,000 leading brands. A company can also link its storefront to IMPT, allocating a portion of sales to certified environmental projects. 

To improve engagement with its users, IMPT will also create a social platform allowing people to show off their contribution to the environment in the form of IMPT points and various rankings. 

It’s easy to see why IMPT has attracted so many investors. With IMPT tokens quickly selling out, the project promises to be the best crypto presale 2022. Check out the IMPT presale today to snag some tokens while they’re still available. 

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3. Calvaria – Highly Scalable P2E Crypto Card Game

Calvaria (RIA) is a crypto card game created using the ERC standard on the Polygon network. The project allows people to battle one another in exciting virtual card games with NFT-based in-game assets. This presale crypto has made a large splash in the industry, raising nearly $1.5 million since its presale went live. 

Following the system many of the best cryptocurrency presales use, Calvaria has opted for a 10-stage presale with prices increasing by $0.005 during each phase. 

Initially, the project’s native RIA token was available for $0.01 and the final price of the asset during the presale will be $0.055 – a 450% increase.

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At the center of the Calvaria ecosystem are two crypto tokens, RIA and eRIA (earned RIA). The former powers Calvaria and is used for governance, and shopping, and can be staked. Whereas eRIA is distributed to players for their gameplay and can be used to purchase card upgrades as well as items from the in-game store that provide a competitive advantage. 

Calvaria is a virtual card game. As such, players can compete against one another in strategic battles, with the winner earning crypto rewards. However, the project also boasts a free version of the game that allows people to enjoy the game but removes any play-to-earn mechanics. 

Because Calvaria has utilized the Polygon network, the project benefits from the security and decentralization offered by Ethereum while boasting the scalability of Polygon, something that will likely help Calvaria grow over the long term. Check out the project today before the Calvaria presale sells out. 

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4. Cryptoffer – DEX and Loan Platform Aggregator

As the crypto industry has grown significantly over the past few years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of crypto-based platforms and tools. 

However, this has made it difficult for investors to find the best deals. Cryptoffer (COF) aims to change this by creating a platform that aggregates DeFi swaps, crypto loans, and more in one place. 

In contrast to most presale cryptocurrency projects, the Cryptoffer platform is already up and running and is available to use right now. Users just need to enter a few basic details on the Cryptoffer platform and can then browse through a wide range of the best offers on the market, 

For anyone trying to find the best crypto presale 2022 and new crypto launches, Cryptoffer is worth checking out. BEP-20 COF tokens are available for $0.004 and the presale is currently over 50% of the way to hitting its presale target of $720,000 meaning it seems on track to sell out before its November 14 deadline. 

5. Galileo – Turning Physical Items into NFTs to Facilitate Simple Trading

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been one of the fastest-growing asset classes in recent years, with many businesses utilizing the technology offered by NFTs to improve experiences for users.

Now, a project called Galileo (LEOX) has entered the fray, allowing users to turn real-world items into NFTs to facilitate more liquid and more reliable transactions. 

The platform will provide a wide range of services focused on improving the trading of physical items through tokenization. 

Galileo will work with providers of safety deposit boxes around the world to store goods safely and securely. Then, when an NFT linked to an item is sold, the new owner can immediately gain ownership of the item. 

With so many investors looking for the best crypto presale to invest in, it’s likely that the Galileo presale will attract quite a large number of investors. 

As such, it could be worth checking out the project early to secure a spot. 

6. Stackspace – Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace and Crypto Game Launchpad

Last on our list of the best crypto presale to invest in is Stackspace, a new project aiming to create a unique NFT marketplace designed especially for crypto games. 

The project’s native BEP-20 STSP token is currently available for $0.0001 with the presale running until November 12.

Crypto games have grown in popularity sharply with an increasing number of mainstream developers announcing that they’re looking into utilizing blockchain technology for their projects. 

Stackspace aims to create a multi-chain platform on which assets from crypto games can be easily bought and sold. Furthermore, the platform will feature a launchpad for new projects.

With triple-A blockchain games slowly being announced, Stackpace could be coming at the perfect time to cement itself as the go-to marketplace for these projects. 

As such, it’s worth keeping an eye on the project to see how it performs over the coming months.


Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a look at six of the best crypto presales 2022 but only one asset can be considered the best crypto presale to invest in this year. 

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto intelligence platform that provides traders and investors with a plethora of tools that can be utilized to improve performance in the crypto market. 

The Dash 2 Trade presale is quickly selling out, so check out the project today to lock in a purchase at the best price possible. 

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