Oryen surges over 100% during ICO event – potential to Overcome the success of Big Eyes and Tamadoge?




While the crypto market is still in the wood, some crypto projects have been showing impressive performance. Some of the most notable examples are Tamadoge and Big Eyes. During these dark times, the two projects have shown some remarkable figures.

The Tamadoge project is built as a metaverse meme coin where users can create, breed, and care for Tamadoge pets. Those who hold the $TAMA tokens gain access to this metaverse. Thus far, it has been doing quite well. Its take on the metaverse, where everyone can mint some NFTs, has the masses interested.

There are plans to expand the experience by adding AR and VR, allowing people to interact with their avatars in the metaverse. It is billed as the future of the Play-to-Earn ecosystem. Its promises are impressive, and the community has shown interest in it by purchasing $TAMA tokens.

Big Eyes is a meme coin that promises to support ocean life by giving some token supply to ocean sanctuaries. The token has performed incredibly well in presale; however, the whitepaper remains thin, without substance.

Oryen Network is Destined for Success

While these two projects have done well, they differ from what Oryen Network offers. The result is that users in both projects have had their eye on the Oryen Network. They see all the signs of a project poised for success and plan to capitalize on the opportunity early on. As a result, they are streaming in with purchases of $ORY tokens, which have already doubled in price due to demand.




These experienced enthusiasts know a good deal when they see one. So they saw $BIG and $TAMA early before everyone else and got in. Since then, their holdings has experienced impressive growth. With Oryen Network, they will know that the success they enjoy will surpass anything they experienced in the past.

Why Oryen Network is Unique

Oryen Network has a unique approach to the staking mechanism that some of the leading DeFi protocols use. It offers investors a fixed APY of 90%, equal to a daily ROI of 0.177%. Thus far, that is the highest guaranteed APY offered by any asset-backed DeFi project worldwide.

Another impressive feature of the Oryen Network is how staking works. Users retain ownership of their $ORY tokens in their private wallets. On other platforms, stakers have to send tokens to a smart contract, which exposes them to risk. With $ORY tokens, everyone retains control of their assets.

Last Words

Oryen Network is going to change how DeFi works. Once it goes live, many DeFi protocols will likely have to make drastic changes or die out. However, its value proposition brings speed and efficiency unlike anything else in the market. When that happens, demand for $ORY will skyrocket.

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