Web3 Powerhouses to Converge on Turkey for Istanbul Blockchain Week this November

NFT Day, the W3E Championships, and the main event, IstanBlock, will all take place during Istanbul Blockchain Week, focusing on topics like DeFi, trading, DAOs, web3, Venture Capital, and regulation.

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When the world gathers in Istanbul, one of the most popular places to invest in cryptocurrency, they will be attending Istanbul Blockchain Week, the premier event of web3 and digital assets in the Eurasia region. The week-long Istanbul Blockchain Week will begin on November 14 with NFT Day. It will culminate with the premier event of the week, “IstanBlock,” held at the luxurious Hilton Bomonti Hotel.

The best NFT projects, top-tier exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, large corporations like Mastercard and Vodafone, and the United Nations are all participating in Istanbul Blockchain Week. Other speakers include Sebastian Borget of Sandbox and the legendary cryptographer David Chaum. Yoshihisa Hashimoto, a former CTO of Square Enix who oversaw the Final Fantasy and Sonic Unleashed brands, will be one of the featured speakers at this year’s massive celebration of web3 culture.

The conference will take advantage of this fantastic potential by providing attendees with access to panels, events, and discussions on worldwide investment, privacy, metaverse + NFT’s, and government policy. In addition to being the premier blockchain event in the region, this gathering will offer a unique opportunity to connect with thousands of engaged and knowledgeable blockchain enthusiasts in a stunning city that serves as a gateway between two continents.

Starting on November 15th, IstanBlock, Istanbul Blockchain Week’s flagship 2-day event, will feature educational workshops from some of the top builders in web3, hackathons, a networking zone, a VIP dinner, and a historic official afterparty at a one-of-a-kind and landmark venue in Istanbul. Developers and web 3.0 startups will also have the opportunity to participate in a Pitch Competition, where they can present their work to high-profile investors in search of funding and advice. 

The first ever live Web3 Esports Tournament is here, and it’s called W3E.

W3E, the first-ever live Web3 esports tournament, will also take place this week. Gamers organized the convention to elevate blockchain-based gaming to the forefront of discussion. EV.io, the fastest-growing game on the Solana blockchain and one of our partners, is a first-person shooter focused on competitive gameplay. Several teams from Europe and Asia will gather at the ESA Esports Arena to compete for the $15,000 prize pool and the honor of taking home the first-ever W3E Championships trophy (which will also be available in NFT format).

On April 14, NFT Day will take place, and it will be a thrilling immersion into the revolutionary world of blockchain-based digital collectibles. Panels and events will discuss NFTs role in the metaverse, how NFTs will change the future of ownership, and how to spot the most exciting projects that will lead us into the future – and much more. An NFT Gallery will also be available so that attendees can feast their eyes on some of the most exciting collections in person. The event has already confirmed speakers from notable NFT projects like Lazy Lions, Hape, and Kusama Kings, and more will be announced soon. 

Turkey is the birthplace of web3.

Turkey continues to be one of the most fertile grounds for the growth of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technology because twenty percent of the population in Turkey owns or uses cryptocurrency, and over twenty-five million Turks still do not have bank accounts.

Currently, the regulations surrounding using cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based digital assets in Turkey need to be more transparent and present. Because of this, now is the perfect time to discuss policy in one of the most important emerging economies in the world. There has never been a time when it has been more important to discuss the transition to web3 and cryptocurrency-based finance than there is now, given the current state of the market and the possibility of a global recession shortly.

According to Erhan Korhaliller, CEO of Blockchain PR Agency EAK Digital and organizer of Istanbul Blockchain Week: “Turkey represents the ideal location to bring together the heavyweights of web3 alongside policymakers, venture capital, and large web2 brands looking to break into web3.”. “The adoption of web3 in Turkey has been extremely promising and represents an exciting opportunity for Turkey to establish itself as a leader in the field. We look forward to showcasing the passion and talent that Turkey has to offer to the industry while offering exciting opportunities for international projects to meet, partner, and onboard the Turkish community,” he added.


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