Crypto & NFT Meet FIFA: Qatar World Cup Finance to Hold Pre-sale of Its $QWC Token and NFTs




Football has just joined the bandwagon as more industries scramble to catch up with the highly advantageous blockchain industry. Powered by the $QWC token, Qatar World Cup Finance (QWCF) is the force behind the grand entry.

The platform offers a fixed annual APY of 118,780.60%, the highest in the DeFi market. Such a high APY is synonymous with token inflation and reduced ROI.

However, the development team embedded QALE (Qatar Auto-Liquidity Engine), QIF (Qatar Insurance Fund), The Treasury, and The Bonfire into the smart contract to cushion against possible flops.

QALE (Qatar Auto-Liquidity Engine)

The QALE mechanism automatically executes several tasks to keep inflation in check. First, it adds liquidity to the QWC/BNB pair whereby a 4% fee is charged on all transactions and then sent to the Auto-LP wallet.

Second, the mechanism uses 50% of the $QWC token and buys BNB. The other 50% is used to maintain a balanced 50/50 QWC/BNB weight which further helps to keep high liquidity levels across the platform.




QIF (Qatar Insurance Fund)

QIF was developed to keep slippages away. The mechanism also watches the price of the governance token, preventing a sudden downward market trend.

QIF also supports the auto-staking reward function on the platform. On the other hand, the mechanism is sustained by a 2% fee charged on every buy or sell order.

The Treasury

The Treasury works hand in hand with QIF. It provides additional financial support to sustain and ensure continuous growth of the QWCF protocol and its governance token.

The mechanism also maintains the optimal value of the $QWC to cushion the project against a sudden drop in the price of $QWC and related consequences. Lastly, the Treasury acts as the go-to kitty from which funds for new projects, products, and services can be obtained.

The Bonfire

The Bonfire simply means token burning. In the Qatar World Cup Finance ecosystem, 2% of each completed transaction goes into the Bonfire. The mechanism reduces the amount of circulating inventory and maintains a competitive token price which helps retain its value.

Meanwhile, a fast rebase of 60 seconds makes for a reliable platform. The lighting-fast rebase means traders don’t have to wait for the next rebase but can quickly dispose of their assets.

QWCF Presale Details

The Qatar World Cup Finance token and NFT pre-sale will launch in a few days. While the token price is set at $0.2, participants will be required to pay a 12% fee on PancakeSwap to purchase $QWC. The minimum and maximum investment amounts are 1.5 and 40 BNB, respectively.

Inclusive is a giveaway where pre-sale participants can win one of the 10 tickets to the FIFA World Cup final match in Qatar.

About QWCF

The Qatar World Cup Finance is a DeFi ecosystem developed on the BNB chain that focuses on merging football, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article, and views in it do not represent those of, nor should they be attributed to, ZyCrypto. Readers should conduct independent research before taking any actions related to the company, product, or crypto projects mentioned in this piece.