Infanity Announces Launch Dates For Its First NFT, Plans To Reward Fans With Free Mints




Infanity, a fan-first music NFT community connecting fans with artists, is happy to announce its plans to launch its first NFT, featuring a piece of single music from President Davo.

The Infanity First NFT collection is set to debut on Black Friday, November 25, 2022, and will feature President Davo, a recording artist from Baltimore’s up-and-coming music scene. As per the announcement, launching the first Infanity NFT signifies Infanity’s commitment to supporting up-and-coming artists. Through the NFTs, Infanity will provide these artists with various promotional experiences to start their artistic journey. To celebrate this launch, Infanity will allow the first 1200 lucky fans who whitelist on Infanity’s Discord channel to mint the NFT for free.

In addition, Infanity’s first NFT project creates a community for fans to come together to connect with their favourite music artists. Infanity’s mission is to empower artists and fans to connect and grow in a healthy environment. Through the platform, the artist can release digital collectables in NFTs form to share their story allowing them to connect directly with their fans. The NFTs will enable fans to become true partners of their supported artists, helping drive their success. 

Notably, fans will also have them participate in the creation of the NFTs to have a curated experience with their artist. Ultimately, this experience will help build better communities in the Infanity Universe.

Founded by Renata Lowenbraun and Big Leek, Infanity reflects the new evolution of music that harnesses the infinite potential of digital collectables. Infanity is a fan-centric platform where fans can discover different music and grow with their favourite artists. The project seeks to empower artists through its revolutionary platform.




In the coming days, Infanity plans to launch the Infanity Universe, a future metaverse. The digital collectables and the Infanity Universe offer a new way to deliver, buy and experience new music to fans. At the same time, these new additions will allow artists to earn a decent living while building their fan base.

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