7 Best New Altcoins to Invest in For 2023

As we enter 2023, investors are looking for the best altcoins to buy for high returns after a tough 2022 in the crypto market.

This guide will cover some of the best new cryptocurrencies to invest in by analyzing their use cases, historical prices, and more. Keep reading to learn more about the 7 best altcoins to invest in for 2023. 

Best Altcoins to Watch in 2023

The sections below list some of the most popular altcoins to watch in the coming year: 

  • Calvaria Overall Best Play-to-Earn Altcoin in 2023
  • IMPTBest New Altcoin Reducing Carbon Emissions 
  • Dash 2 TradeTop Presale Altcoin Offering Trading Signals 
  • Tamadoge – Best New Meme Altcoin to Invest in 2023
  • Ethereum – Largest Altcoin in Terms of Market Capitalization
  • Decentraland – Best Metaverse Altcoin Investment for 2023
  • Polygon – High-Speed Cryptocurrency to Buy Now 

Top Altcoins to Buy in 2023 – Reviewed

When looking at the best altcoins to buy, investors may want to look at the token’s price history, utility, and main features.

To better understand the new altcoins, our sections below will analyze 7 crypto assets in full detail. 

1. Calvaria – Overall Best Play-to-Earn Altcoin in 2023

Our recommended best altcoin to buy in 2023 is Calvaria (RIA) – a play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrency project currently in its presale.

Calvaria is garnering huge interest in the space and is racing through its presale, where it is already in stage 4 of 10 having raised nearly $1.5 million.

The project combines blockchain technology to offer players the opportunity to earn in-game rewards with its fantasy cards game. 

Players can purchase Battle Cards – which are NFT collections that can be bought and upgraded to compete on the platform. Unlike other popular NFT games such as Gods Unchained, Calvaria also boats a fully 3D engine and characters.

Apart from the P2E mode, players can also participate in the Free-to-Play (F2P) mode – which comes with NFT card upgrades, tournaments, and in-game commissions. 

At the center of the ecosystem is $RIA – the native cryptocurrency of the platform. RIA is spent on the platform to purchase eRIA, the platform’s in-game currency. 90% of all tokens spent are distributed to Calvaria’s prize pools, while the remaining 10% is allocated to the staking pool. 

As per the Calvaria whitepaper, the platform will also develop a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) – which can be accessed by staking RIA tokens. The DAO will give token holders voting rights to help build the Calvaria community. 

RIA has a total supply of 1 billion, 300 million of which is being made available through a 10-round presale. 

Between the first and last stages, RIA will increase in price from $0.01 to $0.055 per token. 

Currently on stage 4, RIA is available to buy at only $0.025 per token, meaning new investors will earn 120% returns by the final stage.

The token presale has a total hard cap target of $9.75 million and the next stage of the presale will see tokens increase to $0.03.

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2. IMPT – Best New Altcoin Reducing Carbon Emissions 

Another top altcoin that is available to buy on presale is IMPT – a carbon-reducing cryptocurrency project. 

The presale raised $11 million in just three weeks to sell its phase 1 allocation of tokens four weeks ahead of schedule, with investors racing to take up a position.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, IMPT has a 3 billion token supply – 60% of which is being allocated through 3 presale rounds. 

Through IMPT’s shopping platform, shoppers can connect with their favorite retailers to earn IMPT tokens. 

IMPT has partnered with thousands of businesses – including Amazon and Microsoft – willing to offer a portion of their sales margin for environmentally sustainable causes. The sales margin is distributed to a buyer’s online wallet as IMPT tokens. 

Eventually, the tokens can be leveraged to buy tokenized versions of Carbon Credits – which represent a ton of CO2 emissions to be removed from the atmosphere. With Carbon Credit NFTs, an individual can either trade the asset or burn the NFT out of existence. 

Burning the NFT will erode the asset from the blockchain and remove the emissions it represents, while Carbon Credit burners are given part ownership of new NFTs minted on the IMPT platform. 

Enjoying one of the best crypto presales of 2022, IMPT’s first stage raised $10.8 million from 600 million tokens. 

The ongoing second presale stage has listed 660 million tokens at $0.023 per token and interested readers can buy the tokens before the price rises to $0.028 for the final round. 

Check out the IMPT whitepaper and Telegram Channel to stay updated and learn more about this cryptocurrency. 

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3. Dash 2 Trade – Top Presale Altcoin Offering Trading Signals 

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is an all-in-one crypto analytics and intelligence platform that gives exclusive access to its platform features via D2T – the native cryptocurrency. 

The D2T token is currently available to buy through 9-presale rounds, aiming to raise over $40 million, and has raised more nearly $5 million in just two weeks.

According to Dash 2 Trade’s whitepaper, token holders will be able to purchase platform subscriptions from Q1 2023. 

The platform offers three monthly subscription packages – a Free tier, a Starter tier, and a Premium tier – the latter two can be bought solely with D2T tokens and allow users access to various features on the platform. 

Among the benefits of the Starter and Premium subscription plans is access to a range of new crypto listing alerts, on-chain analysis tools, and backtesting platform features. 

The Premium tier also lets users compete in weekly trading competitions to earn free D2T rewards. Traders can also leverage social indicators to make well-informed trading decisions. 

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For example, the platform tracks social media trends of top cryptocurrencies to predict socio-cultural price movements. As the platform develops, users can access auto-trading bots, risk profilers, and verified presale launches. 

The D2T token presale will reward early investors with a 39% price return, with the token’s price rising from $0.0476 to $0.0662 throughout the 9 presale rounds. Currently available on stage 2 at $0.05, D2T will rise by 32.4% by the last presale stage. 

One of the best altcoins to buy in 2023, D2T has raised $4.75 million since the start of the presale. The price will increase to $0.0513 once the amount raised reaches $5.166 million. 

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4. Tamadoge – Best new Meme Altcoin to Invest in 2023

One of the best altcoins for 2022, Tamadoge (TAMA), is a popular meme coin that functions on a play-to-earn ecosystem. 

TAMA, the native cryptocurrency, can be used to earn in-game rewards and benefits and also has high potential as an asset.

On Tamadoge, players can use TAMA to buy Tamadoge Pets – NFT avatars that take the shape of virtual dogs like 90s craze Tamagotchi.

Minted as smart contracts, each Tamadoge Pet offers different characteristics and traits. On the platform, Tamadoge Pets can be used to compete in community-wide competitions. 

A player can compete with others for points on a monthly leaderboard, where the top performers are rewarded with TAMA tokens. In the future, Tamadoge will launch an AR-based Tamadoge app and a P2E-style arcade game to increase the platform’s use cases. 

Launching on presale for just $0.01, TAMA raised $19 million to end its presale round at $0.03 per token. This popular meme cryptocurrency was first listed on OKX and reached an all-time high (ATH) of over $0.19 before correcting to $0.029 per token. 

With the games still in development and more exchange listings in the pipeline, TAMA still has huge potential for big returns.

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5. Ethereum – Largest Altcoin in Terms of Market Capitalization

With a market cap of $190 billion, Ethereum (ETH) is the largest altcoin in the digital assets space.

A decentralized and open-sourced platform, Ethereum deploys smart contracts to allow developers to build dApps (decentralized applications) and other DeFi (decentralized finance) based protocols. 

After facing issues due to the network’s high gas fees and slow transaction speeds, Ethereum switched to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus in 2022.

It is estimated the move increased energy efficiency by 99.99% and the network will be able to handle between 20,000 – 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) in the coming years. 

One of the best altcoins to buy in 2023, Ethereum can be a strategic long-term investment. Currently trading at only $1,550 per token, ETH is nearly 70% below its all-time high. 

Despite the price correction, ETH has witnessed a price reversal towards the end of 2022 – gaining nearly 20% in October alone. 

6. Decentraland – Best Metaverse Altcoin Investment for 2023

The management consultancy firm, McKinsey and Co, predicted that the metaverse is an industry which can have a market cap of $5 trillion by 2030.

One of the top altcoins that have entered the metaverse space is Decentraland – a virtual real-estate project built on the Ethereum blockchain. 

On this metaverse, users can monetize their time by creating, building, and trading virtual plots of land. Users can purchase ‘LAND’ – which are NFTs minted as ERC 721 smart contracts on Decentraland.

With an average floor price of 1.5 ETH ($2,340) – LAND has a total market cap of more than $229 million. 

Investors can purchase these NFTs on Decentraland with MANA – an ERC-20 token and the native cryptocurrency of the platform. 

MANA can also be staked to join the MANA decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) – which gives users voting rights to govern the platform. 

One of the most popular altcoins in 2021, MANA soared from $0.07 at the start of the year to an ATH of $5.90 – a price increase of over 8,300%. Currently trading at $0.62, MANA has a market cap of more than $1.1 billion. 

7. Polygon – High-Speed Cryptocurrency to Buy Now 

Polygon is a cryptocurrency platform and a layer-2 scaling solution used to scale Ethereum and the network’s infrastructure. 

Creating a multi-chain network, Polygon uses SDKs to allow other blockchains to connect easily with Ethereum. 

Polygon combines the Plasma network with a PoS architecture to support the platform’s easy execution of scalable smart contracts. 

The platform uses Optmisic Rollups – a Layer-2 solution that helps scale the blockchain – and the network can handle an estimated 65,000 transactions per second, making it a highly scalable platform to leverage. 

Polygon connects with other blockchains and settles transactions on the network with MATIC – the native token. With a circulating supply of 8.7 billion coins, MATIC is the 11th largest cryptocurrency in space. 

Trading at only $0.11 in 2019, MATIC went on to reach an ATH of $2.92. Currently, the popular altcoin is close to $1 gaining 30% from mid-October.


After reviewing 7 of the best altcoins to buy in 2023, we recommend Calvaria as one of the best investments, alongside IMPT and Dash 2 Trade.

Calvaria is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency project that offers playable NFT characters through RIA – its native cryptocurrency – and the chance for casual and traditional gamers to play in a free-to-play mode and attract them to the blockchain.

Available to buy on presale for $0.025 per token, RIA is quickly selling out and increasing in price with each new presale stage.

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