Why BNB, Pancakeswap, and Tamadoge have a hard time competing with Oryen ICO




The Oryen ICO has enabled the Oryen token (ORY) to set itself apart from the competition due to its unique features. As a newer crypto option with an incredible compounding interest feature, it makes staking a whole lot better by staking directly from the wallet.

Traders can buy ORY tokens and automatically qualify to stake. This feature is called auto staking, which is an easy and safe method to receive rebase rewards directly to your wallets upon purchase.

BNB, CAKE, and TAMA struggle to compete with Oryen’s ICO

Looking closely at the DeFi market scene, analysts believe that the Oryen ICO gained attraction among cryptocurrency traders because of the prospect of higher stable returns the DeFi project offers. After all, the main objective of every trader/investor is to maximize yields while minimizing loss, and the Oryen ICO does just that.

Oryen’s ICO has also earned its spot among the 13 best altcoins in 2022 with a title – most anticipated with automated passive income according to Business2Community.

However, the Oryen platform has a proactive measure that aids a smooth experience for its user. This measure is called a Risk-Free-Value (RFV) wallet. The RFV is a separate wallet that stores funds to support and provide stability to the liquidity pool that runs the platform. Liquidity, in this sense, is money used to buy or sell Oryen tokens. 




During sharp sell-offs, the RFV wallet serves as a reserve to prevent such cases from happening. It essentially becomes a liquidity pool provider by supplying the necessary funds to sustain the affairs of the platform regardless of sharp sell-offs or price fluctuations.

BNB, on the other hand, has held its ground during the bear market as with Tamadodge (TAMA). Although the Oryen protocol operates on the BNB smart chain, it is formidable for BNB and TAMA to compete. As a result, market analysts speculate that Oryen (ORY) could test the heights, Pancakeswap (CAKE) reached and more.


Future guarantees are a subjective opinion as market scenes change with time. It is important, however to identify general market sentiments, trending projects, and new listings with beneficial opportunities. The Oryen project is one should look into as its features revolutionize the DeFi space, and it is fairly a new project with huge potential.

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