Q&A With Riduan Abdeselam Mohamed: Bitcoin Will Bring Freedom To The World

In recent years the dream of all crypto enthusiasts, crypto adoption, is finally becoming reality. The industry is growing, expanding, and breaking down glass sealing thanks to serial entrepreneur and crypto investor Riduan Abdeselam Mohamed.

Mr. Abdeselam is the Founder of crypto ATM provider RED1, Co-Founder and Chairman at Web3 ecosystem WeWay, one of the top 10 crypto projects by ROI since its IDO, and one of the biggest Solana investors. He is dedicated to the development of crypto and gave us an overview of new projects he’s working on as well as the future of WeWay and the crypto space in general.

  • Riduan, tell us more about yourself. Take us through your entrepreneurial journey. How did you get into cryptocurrency?

Surprisingly, my entrepreneurial path was not related to cryptocurrency at all. I started my career in real estate with my father at the age of 13. Before this, my father taught me the basic rules of the big business games, and in particular what mistakes to avoid. 

My father’s lessons helped me to make the right path to big business. When I moved to Dubai and started my own business offering luxury properties to clients, I often remember his rules. After mastering the craft I saw an opportunity in crypto and decided to start my journey in the blockchain real estate space. 

  • Can you tell us more about how cryptocurrency entered your life?

As I mentioned, I started with real estate. But my acquaintance with crypto began with Bitcoin. I saw the potential in Bitcoin and switched my focus to crypto. At the time it was a very tough time for crypto, the pandemic had just hit and with the market crash, many lost all hope. That’s when I decided to go all in. I sold all my properties, cars, and every tangible asset I had, to invest it all in Bitcoin.

The market boomed months later in 2021 and I made a fortune. Then it was time to up my game. I started to invest in blockchain companies, diversifying my crypto portfolio and meeting Web3 leaders. 

I am truly sure that Bitcoin is going to bring freedom to the world. And Satoshi is going to be the system of real value. 

  • Tell me, what other cryptocurrencies do you believe in as an investor?

I firmly believe in Solana. I’m among the largest investors in the projects. Solana has huge potential, it’s among the most robust blockchain in the market in terms of technology. The speed of Solana makes it a very attractive project, and I think it will become the service of payments in the world. 

Technology-wise it’s better than Ethereum, but Ethereum is a brand. Solana was built by small developers that lack power, while Etherium is coming from the big guys.

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But one thing we need to stay away from is shitcoins. Shit coins are not good for society because they create a lot of bad things. The day when the shitcoins disappear, Bitcoin is going 1.15 million, minimum. 

  • What projects are now worth considering for investment? 

I am truly sure that the future is in the metaverse, that’s why I became an investor in WeWay. I started my crypto journey by investing in BTC, and from there I dived into the metaverse and other Web3 spaces, I am among the first to invest in WeWay becoming Co-founder and Chairman, I saw the potential and we developed a Web3 ecosystem that offers many business-minded projects, a multi-chain IDO Launchpad, the first-of-its-kind Find-to-Earn game, and a crypto academy. I really pride myself that WeWay made it to the top 10 crypto projects by ROI since its IDO just in 1 year.

Investors must stray away from shitcoins, that’s why we created our WeAcademy. I want to teach the new generation about crypto so they don’t lose money and truly contribute to developing its potential. My dream is to have blockchain lessons in all schools and universities. It will give people an opportunity to learn just like with mathematics classes.

Now we’re working on our next product that will make it an even better investment. We are developing a fully decentralized social network that will one day connect to the tech giants, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

  • Riduan, if it’s not a secret, what project are you working on now? 

Yes, good question, I’m currently running RED1. After moving to UAE, known as the most crypto-friendly destination, I made it my goal to provide high-net-worth clients in Dubai with the opportunity to buy and invest in real estate with crypto. There I also opened a company that provides services related to crypto ATMs and vending machines with payment by cryptocurrency – RED1. 

RED1’s mission is to start to implement payment in crypto, in the ATM stablecoin machine, and all the services of payments with the stablecoins. I am truly sure that the future of payments is Bitcoin. 

  • How do you assess the prospects of the market and the most important cryptocurrency – Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is going to bring freedom to the world. Why?  Because you can’t manipulate the numbers like with fiat. The Federal Reserve can print as many dollars as they want, but not with Bitcoin. No one can manipulate the blockchain, that’s where the real value of Bitcoin comes from and that’s why it’ll grow immensely in the future. I see a 1 million BTC as a real possibility in the long term.