Uniglo.io Is The Number One Presale On Now, Why Flasko, Big Eyes, And IMPT Holders Are Taking Notice




On-chain analysis provides a bird’s eye view of capital flows on the blockchain. On-chain analysts have consistently pointed to Uniglo as the leading presales based on one simple metric: capital allocation.

Crypto enthusiasts from across the ecosystem rush to participate, and Flasko, Big Eyes, and IMPT holders have all begun targeting this presale.


Uniglo‘s store of value has driven its runaway success. With volatility in the bond markets (the base of the financial pyramid), persistently high inflation, and volatility across the digital asset space, holders have rushed toward Uniglo. 

Uniglo provides this store of value by exposing users to a unique blend of digital assets, including high-end physical goods such as fine art and luxury timepieces tokenized in NFT format. This protocol has garnered incredible attention, and its trajectory looks excellent. Altcoin gem search Jim Crypto recently made a video on Uniglo, and it saw another surge in capital allocation. Uniglo will easily be one of 2022’s most exciting launches.


Flasko holders have rapidly pivoted towards Uniglo because it offers similar mechanics but objectively better execution. Flasko allows users to invest in rare whiskeys, wines, and champagnes. The protocol stores the physical items in a warehouse and tokenizes them into NFTs: holders buy a fractionalized portion of the NFT or purchase the NFT entirely.




Uniglo provides a similar alternative but allows users to access fine art, which possesses a far higher capital entry barrier and has proven a superior store of value than alcohol.

Big Eyes

The blockchain shows a considerable exodus of funds from Big Eyes holders towards Uniglo. Analysts speculate this is due to the increased volatility currently present in the market, and users prefer tangible value in risk-off periods compared to a meme coin. Big Eyes is precisely that, a meme coin with a charitable focus. It hopes to expand through influencers but will face significant hurdles if volatility continues. 


IMPT aims to tackle climate change. It allows users to purchase, sell, or retire carbon credits utilizing the blockchain’s immutability to avoid double counting and fraud. The project mints NFTs representing carbon credits and allows investors to trade them on the platform. A socially minded protocol with lofty ambitions. And one that helps offset their carbon footprint. 

Closing Thoughts 

Uniglo’s core value proposition has driven its overperformance. The crypto space desperately needs a long-term store of value- recent market volatility has made this pain point more obvious- and even the apparent hedge against volatility, stablecoins, suffers from inflationary pressures. It is an ideal project for to add to portfolio and will outperform the market by a significant margin.

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