Report: Alibaba Announces Collaboration with Meta to Boost AI Model Llama

Alibaba’s Cloud Computing Service Taps Meta’s AI Model Llama

E-commerce group Alibaba is set to become the first Chinese company to leverage Meta’s open-source artificial intelligence (AI) model, Llama, for zero-cost software development.

Alibaba Cloud’s Deployment of Llama 2-based Solution

According to a report from Reuters citing an official statement from Alibaba Cloud’s WeChat account, the cloud computing arm of the Chinese conglomerate has introduced a Llama 2-based solution, enabling businesses to develop AI-powered software and tools with ease:

“Today, Alibaba Cloud has launched the first training and deployment solution for the entire Llama2 series in China, welcoming all developers to create customised large models on Alibaba Cloud.”

Meta’s Llama2 Model and Its Availability

Meta’s Llama2 model was released in July 2023 as a free-to-use service, competing with established AI models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard. Meta has made Llama2 freely available for companies with less than 700 million monthly active users.

Meta’s Open Approach to AI Technology

Meta’s announcement emphasizes their commitment to an open approach, providing broader access to foundational AI technology for businesses worldwide. This includes supporting companies building products on Llama2, cloud providers incorporating the model in their offerings, and research efforts focused on “safe and responsible deployment of large generative models”.

Alibaba Cloud’s Integration of Llama 2

Alibaba Cloud is now joining a select group of prominent cloud computing services, including Amazon Web Service (AWS), that will utilize Llama 2’s large language model capabilities.

US Restrictions and Llama 2’s Potential in China

The development of integrating Meta’s AI model comes after the United States restricted the sale of certain AI processing hardware chipsets in June 2023, aiming to maintain a competitive advantage in the fast-growing field of AI tools. Additionally, the Reuters report speculates that Llama 2’s integration could offer an opportunity for reaffirming ties with China, where Meta’s Facebook, as well as Twitter, YouTube, and other Western-based social media and content platforms, have been banned since 2009.

Contacting Alibaba Cloud and Meta

Cointelegraph has reached out to Alibaba Cloud and Meta for further details on the Llama 2 integration but has not yet received a response.


The collaboration between Alibaba Cloud and Meta’s AI model Llama marks a significant advancement in the field of AI-powered software development. With the availability of Llama 2, businesses can explore innovative applications and solutions with the support of cutting-edge AI technology.