Strategic Investment Advice: Google Bard Suggests Swapping $BNB and $MATIC for $DOMI

Strategic Investment Advice: Google Bard Suggests Swapping $BNB and $MATIC for $DOMI

Despite CEO Exit, $BNB Remains Steady

In the second week of July, despite the exit of the Binance.US CEO, Binance coin ($BNB) remained steady. However, Binance still faces challenges. Looking ahead, Google Bard predicts a price decline for $MATIC due to a recent encounter with hackers. Currently, many crypto investors consider ($DOMI) to be the best crypto to buy. Let’s explore what experts have to say about these tokens from an ROI perspective.

$BNB Aid for Libyan Flood Victims

On September 11, Binance pledged to distribute $500,000 worth of $BNB tokens to users affected by the recent flooding in Libya. Binance announced that Libyan users who completed the proof of address verification would receive up to $100 worth of $BNB tokens directly to their Binance accounts.

In other news, CertiK, a top blockchain security firm, reported that hackers transferred 300 $BNB tokens, valued at around $61,500, to an external address. These tokens were proceeds from the recent $41 million hack on

On September 7, $BNB traded at $217. A week later, the token lost 1.98% and is trading at $212. Analysts believe that $BNB, along with many other top altcoins, may remain bearish until the end of September due to the recent departure of Binance.US CEO Brian Shroder.

Hackers Withdraw $MATIC Tokens

In a separate transaction on September 11, the hackers behind the attack transferred over 520,000 $MATIC tokens, worth approximately $226,000, using Avalanche’s blockchain. According to Arkham, a leading crypto analytics firm, the hackers have moved $4.8 million to external wallets since September 7.

Out of the $41 million crypto tokens stolen, PeckShield Alert reported that $7.85 million were in $MATIC, while $17.5 million were in $BNB. Amid these developments, crypto analyst ZachXBT claimed that the stolen funds had been entirely withdrawn through Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon blockchains.

$MATIC lost 5.85% in the second week of September. On September 7, $MATIC traded at $0.5561; by September 14, the token was trading for $0.5237. Furthermore, $MATIC may likely experience a further price dip in Q4 2023 after Google Bard advised against volatile tokens as the best crypto investments. Crypto investors are turning their attention to a new token called $DOMI.

$DOMI: The Choice for Savvy Investors is an innovative blockchain-based art marketplace that allows art investors to buy, trade, and own shares in high-end blue-chip artworks. As a decentralized art marketplace, the platform democratizes ownership of prestigious artworks by allowing art investors to purchase fractionalized shares in these assets on’s marketplace.

All artworks are tokenized as trending NFTs on, making them easy to identify. Fractionalized NFT owners can trade their shares in blue-chip paintings on a dedicated NFT marketplace. In addition, all artworks listed on go through rigorous checks to confirm their authenticity.

$DOMI is currently in its presale beta stage, with the token selling for $0.0021. Savvy investors have shown substantial interest in this high-utility token, and the beta stage is 94.11% complete. When all presale stages conclude, $DOMI is expected to enter the mainstream crypto market and sell for $0.0154. As a result, early $DOMI buyers could see a 633% surge in the value of their tokens.