Ethereum Takes the Lead in Web3 Evolution in the US, While BNB Reigns Supreme in Asia and Europe!

Ethereum Takes the Lead in Web3 Evolution in the US, While BNB Reigns Supreme in Asia and Europe!


Chainstack, a prominent crypto infrastructure provider, has unveiled insightful findings about web3 developer activities across the globe. The report showcases Ethereum’s strong presence in the United States and the ascendancy of BNB Chain in Europe and Asia.

Web3 Developments by Region

United States

Ethereum leads in the US, representing 38.9% of node requests, closely followed by BNB Chain at 31.3%. Polygon captures 17.2% of the market, while Avalanche and Solana account for 4.8% and 2.4% of node requests, respectively.


BNB Chain dominates in Europe with 24.4% of node requests, followed closely by Polygon and Avalanche, each at 22.8%. Ethereum secures the fourth position at 18.3%, with Arbitrum at 8.6% and Solana at 4.5%.


Asia witnesses BNB Chain’s supremacy, constituting 72.1% of node infrastructure, followed by Ethereum at 25.4%. Polygon and Arbitrum contribute 4.5% and 4.3% of the requests, respectively.

Node Preferences

Full Nodes vs Archive Nodes

Full nodes are preferred in all regions due to their efficiency in pruning blockchain data. Notably, in Asia, 99.5% of the total demand is for full nodes. In the US and Europe, full nodes constitute 65.8% and 71% of the demand, respectively.

Elastic Nodes vs Private Nodes

Elastic nodes, allowing multiple users simultaneous access, are favored for their cost-effectiveness. In Asia, 89.6% demand is for elastic nodes, while in Europe, they constitute 61% of the demand. However, in the US, private nodes lead with 52.6% of the total demand.

Chainstack: Empowering Web3 Development

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