Solana’s Price Outlook: Recovering 16% to $100 After Flash Crash Erases $26 Million in Longs – What’s Next?

Solana's Price Outlook: Recovering 16% to $100 After Flash Crash Erases $26 Million in Longs – What's Next?

Solana’s Recent Performance

Solana (SOL), the native cryptocurrency of the high layer-1 Solana blockchain protocol, has experienced a significant 16% rebound from intra-day lows in the $85 area. It was last trading slightly back above the psychologically important $100 level.

Despite the impressive recovery, the cryptocurrency is still trading around 5% lower for the day. Rumors and speculation about the potential delay in the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the US SEC fueled a flash crash in the cryptocurrency earlier in the day.

  • The quick price drop resulted in the liquidation of leveraged long SOL positions in the futures market, wiping out over $26 million on Wednesday.
  • This marked the largest long liquidation event in at least three months, according to data from crypto derivatives analytics website

The anticipated approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC has been a key driver for the recent bull run in the broader crypto market. Despite the brief dip below $100, SOL is still up more than 5x compared to its September lows in the $17 area.

Market Influences

Factors contributing to the broader crypto market downside on Wednesday may include headwinds from traditional asset markets. US stock prices have been falling this week, while US yields and the US Dollar Index (DXY) have been rising. Traders seem concerned that their bets on Fed interest rate cuts at the end of last year may have been too optimistic.

However, the weak US ISM Manufacturing PMI data released on Wednesday indicated continued deflation, supporting the case for sustained rate-cut bets ahead of Friday’s US jobs report.

Solana traders will closely monitor the Bitcoin ETF situation and broader macroeconomic backdrop for further market insights.

Price Prediction – Where Next For Solana (SOL)?

Solana’s strong recovery above $100 highlights the resilience of dip-buying appetite in the crypto market, despite uncertainties related to Bitcoin ETF approval.

Examining the SOL chart reveals that the cryptocurrency is still in the uptrend that began in September. Assuming on-chain trends continue pointing towards rapid Solana blockchain adoption, analysts predict SOL could surpass its April 2022 highs above $140 and even challenge its all-time highs at $260 in early 2024.

Crypto Alternatives to Consider

Solana (SOL) presents significant potential returns along with inherent risks. For those seeking higher probability near-term gains, consider exploring alternative high-risk, high-reward investment strategies such as participating in crypto presales.

In crypto presales, investors purchase tokens of emerging crypto projects to support their development. These tokens are typically sold at lower prices, with a history of delivering substantial gains to early investors.

Many presale projects have strong teams and visionary goals for revolutionary crypto applications/platforms. Identifying such projects can offer favorable risk/reward ratios for presale investments.

The team at Cryptonews dedicates time to researching presale projects, providing valuable insights to assist investors in making informed decisions.