Polygon Labs Reveals Roadmap for ZKEVM Stage 2 Beta, Pledges DeFi Boom Ahead

Polygon Labs Reveals Roadmap for ZKEVM Stage 2 Beta, Pledges DeFi Boom Ahead


Polygon zkEVM, a key player in the Ethereum Layer 2 space, is entering an exciting new phase with the launch of Stage 2 Beta. This development is set to invigorate DApp growth and DeFi activity within the Polygon ecosystem.

Announcement and Development Overview

After months of dedicated work on security, scaling, and infrastructure, Polygon Labs is eager to push Polygon zkEVM into its next stage of development. Jack Melnick, Polygon Labs DeFi lead, announced this development on January 6, heralding it as the beginning of “DeFi season.” Stage 2 Beta is a critical step in the evolution of Polygon zkEVM.

Expectations for Stage 2 Beta

The Stage 2 Beta of Polygon zkEVM is set to span over two months and promises to bring multiple projects onboard, playing a pivotal role in expanding the DeFi landscape within the Polygon network. Approximately 30 to 50 projects are expected to be rolled out during this period. Developers will also focus on enhancing the network’s throughput through a client upgrade, a technical advancement bound to elevate its performance.

Stage 3 and Future Engagements

Following the client upgrade in Stage 2 Beta, Polygon zkEVM has its sights set on Stage 3, scheduled for March 2024. This phase will see the launch of various campaigns aimed at boosting engagement on the protocol, indicating the project’s commitment to fostering a vibrant ecosystem.

Polygon zkEVM in the Multichain Ecosystem

Polygon zkEVM is poised to play a significant role in the broader Polygon multichain ecosystem. As the Polygon PoS chain transitions into a zkEVM validium chain, Polygon zkEVM will emerge as the hub for DeFi activities within the envisioned interoperable Polygon network of ZK Layer 2 chains.

One of its key strengths lies in being a full rollup, offering DeFi protocols enhanced security guarantees. Meanwhile, the zkEVM validium chain will serve as the foundation for payments and gaming applications, prioritizing faster and more cost-effective transactions, albeit at the expense of some security guarantees.

Competition and Challenges

While Polygon zkEVM faces competition from projects like Arbitrum One and zkSync Era, it aims to address this challenge with upcoming DeFi-focused efforts. These competitors have gained significant traction in terms of activity and adoption, posing a challenge that Polygon zkEVM is determined to overcome.


Polygon zkEVM’s Stage 2 Beta marks a crucial phase in its journey to enhance DApp growth and DeFi activity. With ambitious plans to onboard numerous projects and improve network throughput, Polygon zkEVM is poised to make significant strides in the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem. As it competes with other prominent solutions, the crypto community eagerly awaits the impact of these developments on the broader blockchain landscape.