Cryptocurrency Outlook: BNB (BNB) Takes a Bullish Turn While Celestia (TIA) and Everlodge (ELDG) Surge in Momentum

Cryptocurrency Outlook: BNB (BNB) Takes a Bullish Turn While Celestia (TIA) and Everlodge (ELDG) Surge in Momentum

Crypto Market Analysis: BNB, Celestia, and Everlodge

A look at the price chart of several tokens tells insightful stories on what the future course of price action may be. The price movement of BNB (BNB) shows a downward spiral in what could be the start of a bear trend. Meanwhile, Celestia (TIA) and Everlodge (ELDG) tokens have recorded growing momentum that has put both tokens among the expert’s pick of top crypto coins to invest in 2024.

Everlodge (ELDG) Revolutionary Project Attracts Whale Investors

Following the introduction of Everlodge (ELDG) as an innovative platform to make luxury property investment affordable and secure, a high number of investors have joined the project. This is due to the massive growth potential that the token has shown since the start of its presale.

Everlodge is making investing in real estate assets affordable by creating fractionalized NFTs that act as digital placeholders for portions of real-world luxury properties. Individuals who buy these NFTs will own a portion of the assets that the NFTs represent, thereby making entering into property investment affordable.

The Everlodge utility token, ELDG, is used for all transactions in the Network. The ELDG token has been a massive success since its presale, having recorded over 190% growth so far. Currently, at stage 9 of its presale, the ELDG token is sold for $0.029. The project implemented a dynamic pricing model, which means at every stage of the presale, the token price will increase. Analysis by crypto experts suggests that the token’s value will surge by up to 280% before the end of presale and a further 30x on launch.

In terms of security, the team has completed the KYC, while an independent firm has audited the smart contract. The Everlodge tokens’ liquidity will be locked for 8 years and the team token for 2 years. The platform has some unique features, such as a marketplace to trade assets, a reward system, and a launch pad. All these make ELDG one of the top crypto coins to invest in 2024 over coins like BNB and Celestia.

BNB (BNB) Loses Steam As Price Values Decline

BNB (BNB) enjoyed a significant uptrend in the later stages of December. This uptrend saw BNB price reach over $330 – a price level that the token has not reached since May 2023. However, the BNB price chart from CoinMarketCap shows that the token price has declined by over 10% since then to land at the $300 threshold.

It is worrying days ahead for BNB investors as this slight downtrend could trigger a bigger bear sentiment for investors. Binance BNB price prediction for 2024 projects the coin to trade at an average of $301 before the end of 2024, a feat the coin has already passed. With Bitcoin price increasing, there are high chances of a rally for BNB in the year.

Bullish Trend For Celestia (TIA) Boost Token’s Chances Of All-Time High

Celestia has been enjoying a steady growth in price value since entering the crypto stage in October. Since then, Celestia has gained over 600% to reach an all-time high of over $17 in the first week of January according to data from CoinMarketCap.

While the Celestia token has lost about 7% since its all-time peak, the token has shown momentum to establish a support level at the $20 mark in Q1 of 2024. Moreover, Celestia trading volume is increasing on a day-to-day average of 20% to make the token popular and one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in Q1 of 2024.