Experts Predict Record Highs for Floki and Binance Coin, While Investors Flock to Acquire Promising New Altcoin

Experts Predict Record Highs for Floki and Binance Coin, While Investors Flock to Acquire Promising New Altcoin

The Crypto Market Outlook

The crypto market is preparing for another leg in the bull market, and analysts have identified top crypto coins poised to set new all-time highs (ATHs). Floki (FLOKI) and Binance Coin (BNB) have been tipped to set new ATHs in the coming weeks. Despite not being as popular as these top altcoins, investors have been rushing to join the new project, KangaMoon (KANG).

Kaleo Predicts 3x Surge for Floki (FLOKI)

Over the last month, the price of Floki (FLOKI) has been on a tear, setting a new all-time high of $0.0003449 on June 5. Despite being one of the best-performing top crypto coins, the pseudonymous crypto trader known as Kaleo has predicted that it could soar by another 3x in the coming weeks.

According to Kaleo, the market cap of Floki Inu could hit at least $10 billion as it has formed a cup-and-handle pattern. From a $3 billion market cap, this represents an increase of more than 3.3x. Kaleo compared the current price pattern of Floki to that of one of the top meme coins that experienced a price explosion, Pepe.

Binance Coin (BNB) Set for 70% Rally To Peak Above $1,000

Of the top altcoins, Binance Coin (BNB) has been one of the top performers, recently surging above $710 for a new ATH. While the BNB price still holds above the $700 support level, top analyst Bluntz has predicted that its price could increase even further.

Bluntz has said that the price of Binance Coin will increase above $1,000, stating, “There’s no way BNB doesn’t get a four-digit handle this cycle.” According to Bluntz, the Elliott Wave theory suggests that Binance Coin will reach a price of around $1,200 – an increase of about 71% from the current level.

Investors Rush To Buy KangaMoon (KANG) With Bigger ROI Potential

While Floki and Binance Coin are poised for massive price increases over the next few weeks, investors have been rushing to KangaMoon (KANG) because of its greater upside potential. Over the last few weeks, the price of KangaMoon has increased by 400% to hit a high of $0.025. In this period, KangaMoon has raised over $8 million in its ongoing crypto ICO.

Market experts have forecasted gains of up to 50x for KANG, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now. The outlook for KangaMoon is very bullish because it brings a new system to the meme coin. KangaMoon outperforms even top meme coins with its ecosystem that blends GameFi and SocialFi systems into its platform.

KangaMoon’s Unique Features

  • KangaMoon creates a project where members of the crypto and gaming community can play fun games and earn rewards.
  • Competitions are held on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to ensure all members have the opportunity to earn.
  • Participants can also bet on winners and earn prizes if their predictions are correct.
  • The SocialFi aspect ensures that everyone is rewarded based on their engagement levels.


Based on the analysis of popular figures in the crypto space, Floki and Binance Coin are among the best cryptos to buy now. Although these altcoins are set to hit new ATHs soon, many investors have turned their attention to KangaMoon because of its higher upside potential. KangaMoon is in the bonus stage of its crypto ICO, meaning investors have only a chance to join the KANG train before it leaves the station.