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Layer 5 Desire Sandman Finance All Set For Public Pre-Sale

We have been waiting desperately for the release of Sandman Finance’s fifth layer: Desire. You’ve arrived in the right place if you’re seeking a secure and reliable yield farm in the Polygon Network with high APYs and a dedicated Dream Guardian Team dedicated to development. Sandman Farm is presently an outstanding investment opportunity. The Sandman[Read more…]

Desire Presale in Depth

In each of the layers, the question always arises: What kind of launch will this layer have?So far, we are trying many options: Stealth Presale, Fair Launch, Stealth Launch.In each of these launches, we are adjusting the parameters to improve the ROI of our community. A launch strategy is a series of measures that are taken to[Read more…]

Sandman Finance is introducing a new layer and its called the Sandman Finance Desire Layer

After a great Layer 4, It’s our great pleasure to present to you Sandman Finance Layer 5: Desire.It’s time to see how we’ll continue on this 7 layer path. Let’s dive in the dream! Launch Type: Presale with Blacklisting feature The best way to add project liquidity, and avoid Bots. The fairest of all launch strategies.[Read more…]

SafeSwap Online Platform Now Available On Polygon Block Chain Network

If you’re a crypto geek, you’ve probably heard of blockchain platforms, and this word is frequently used in crypto. SafeSwap online plans to expand their trading and staking on other blockchain networks now that they are a part of the BSC blockchain. SafeSwap Online is a staking and trading platform that collaborates with other blockchain[Read more…]