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Desire Presale in Depth

In each of the layers, the question always arises: What kind of launch will this layer have?So far, we are trying many options: Stealth Presale, Fair Launch, Stealth Launch.In each of these launches, we are adjusting the parameters to improve the ROI of our community. A launch strategy is a series of measures that are taken to[Read more…]

Sandman Finance is introducing a new layer and its called the Sandman Finance Desire Layer

After a great Layer 4, It’s our great pleasure to present to you Sandman Finance Layer 5: Desire.It’s time to see how we’ll continue on this 7 layer path. Let’s dive in the dream! Launch Type: Presale with Blacklisting feature The best way to add project liquidity, and avoid Bots. The fairest of all launch strategies.[Read more…]