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Elon Musk’s Ex-Girlfriend Grimes To Take Dogecoin Payments For Her Next Merch Drop

Source : Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Canadian singer/songwriter and Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend Clair Elise Boucher, or Grimes, has joined the growing number of music artists and high-profile entrepreneurs who are embracing Dogecoin (DOGE) as a payment option. The Doge-Wagon Now Includes Grimes Grimes is planning to make her next merchandise available to buy in leading[Read more…]

Hoskinson Reveals Why Cardano Has An Edge Over Ethereum And Other Smart Contract Blockchains

Source : Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Cardano’s Plutus programming language is more secure than other languages for writing smart contracts, according to Charles Hoskinson. He cites MonoX Finance’s recent $31 million hack as a reason for building security into smart contracts.  Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano’s development arm Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), has pointed[Read more…]

BitXmi Successfully Lists Its BXMI Utility Token On CoinTiger and CoinPayments

Source : Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp BitXmi, a Singaporean exchange, recently announced that it listed its token, BXMI, on two crypto exchanges. These exchanges are CoinTiger and CoinPayments. This adds to the growing list of platforms that have already listed this token. BXMI token is also listed on Uniswap. BitXmi recently rebranded by upgrading the[Read more…]

World’s First Tokenized Crypto Index Fund Turns 4

Source : Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Crypto20, the world’s first tokenized cryptocurrency index fund, has officially been operational for 4 years. We’re incredibly grateful for the caliber of investors who have joined us on our journey and are eager to continue to deliver access to democratized financial products that are efficient and affordable to people[Read more…]

ChainBroker: Recent Private Fundraising Rounds

Source : Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Interested in investing or availing for the public eye your own blockchain start-up? ChainBroker will ideally fit both clients. Today, ChainBroker is recognized as a legitimate cryptocurrency platform that keeps track of both private and public fundraising. All the interested parties may learn authentic and trustworthy information IDO/IEO rounds[Read more…]

Cryptocurrencies May Be The Biggest Financial Bubble Of All Time, Says Richard Bernstein

Source : Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Cryptocurrency is in a bubble right now but that bubble may take 14 years or more to pop, just like any other tech bubble in history. This is according to the CEO of Richard Bernstein Advisors Richard Bernstein who adds that most bubbles took about 5 months to the[Read more…]

Why Vitalik’s EIP-4488 Proposal Could Be The Next Big Thing For The Ethereum Network

Source : Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Ethereum may see the biggest network change if new proposal goes live. Ether developers detail the significance of EIP-4488. Recently, the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik BUterin, alongside Ansgar Dietrichs, a developer on the network, revealed a new Ethereum Improvement Proposal. EIP-4488 is expected to bring a short-term solution to[Read more…]

Russia’s Putin Still Thinks Cryptocurrencies Are A Big Risk, Calls For Increased Monitoring

Source : Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Russia’s President still eyes cryptocurrencies with skepticism despite the increasing number of users in the country. Putin says they are not backed by anything and should be closely monitored. Russia has risen to become one of the leading countries for cryptocurrency mining following the Chinese mining purge. Vladimir Putin,[Read more…]

Onston Signs NFT Business Agreement With 2Y Entertainment

Source : Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Onston and 2Y entertainment agency will be joining efforts, resources, and initiatives together to better develop the NFT space as the companies revealed they had recently signed an NFT business agreement. The business agreement is objected to combining the expertise of both entities into producing exclusive developments. Hence, it[Read more…]