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Over 80,000 BTC Leaves Exchange Wallets as Traders Lose Confidence In Centralized Exchanges

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp The financial turmoil occasioned by the FTX liquidity crisis has led to investors withdrawing their Bitcoin from Centralized Exchange (CEX) wallets en masse as attention now turns to their dependability. Today, JA_Maartun, a community manager at onchain analytics firm CryptoQuant shared a post showing mass withdrawals from exchanges in the spirit of[Read more…]

AirDAO’s (AMB) Token Listed On Kucoin With USDT Pair

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp On November 9th, KuCoin announced it would list the $AMB token from AirDAO with a USDT pairing. With this news, KuCoin’s 25 million users worldwide will be able to take part in AirDAO’s emerging DeFi ecosystem, further expanding its already sizable user base across the globe and marking yet another exciting exchange[Read more…]

Twtzer IPO for 49% equity via TWTZ will be live on 9th Nov

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp It’s clear that there’s potential for enviable yields from an IPO. The trading process for these assets is distinct from regular stock trading, so it’s important to have a firm grasp on the topic before making any commitments. Also, it would be best if you get thorough with the additional risks and[Read more…]

Binance’s Non-Binding Agreement Leaves FTX’s Future Highly Uncertain

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Troubled cryptocurrency exchange FTX received a glimmer of hope in the form of Binance signing a non-binding agreement to be acquired by the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance. However, this has left their future hanging in the balance. Binance co-founder and CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao announced the agreement on Nov. 8 via[Read more…]

Bears Drag Bitcoin to Lowest Price Level In Two Years — Where’s BTC Headed Next?

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp The Bitcoin (BTC) market continues to be dominated by bearish traders. BTC bears dragged down the price of the benchmark crypto to around $17,500, its lowest level in two years, as noted by crypto market intelligence platform Santiment. In a tweet, Santiment highlighted that bears flocked into the derivatives market during the[Read more…]

XRP Lawsuit: Ripple’s Chances of Winning Case Against SEC Revealed Following LBRY’s Defeat

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp One of Ripple’s allies apparently lost a case to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The new development has resulted in panic amongst XRP supporters who fear Ripple might get the same fate. Attorney believes Ripple has a strong fighting chance against the SEC LBRY, a blockchain-based payment and file-sharing platform[Read more…]

Cathie Wood reveals her first BTC investment is in over $7 million of unrealized profit

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Cathie Wood, the founder, CEO and CIO of ARK Invest, has revealed that she first bought $100,000 worth of BTC at a price of around $250 back in 2015 and has held it until now — putting the investment in massive unrealized profit of over $7.6 million. In an interview with Peter[Read more…]

Bitcoin Miners Think Outside The Box To Survive Crypto Winter As Top Firms Look Beyond Web3

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Bitcoin miners are pivoting to other digital solutions as the bear market bites harder.  New “hodling” strategies, hedging bets against bitcoin prices, and new acquisitions, among others, are new techniques implemented by miners.  Experts view the larger picture as a major hurdle for the cryptocurrency market due to miners’ role in Proof-of-Work[Read more…]

Solana Set To Give Apple And Samsung A Run For Its Money With New Offerings and Partnerships

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Helium network enters into a partnership with Solana to provide carrier support for its upcoming mobile phone. Solana’s mobile device has been touted to challenge favourably in an industry dominated by Samsung and Apple. Ahead of a launch date in 2023, several specifications have been made public, including the device price, storage,[Read more…]

QuipuSwap And Allbridge Partner To Launch Cross-Chain Bridge Between Tezos And 15 Other Blockchains

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp QuipuSwap, a decentralized exchange, and Allbridge have partnered to launch a cross-chain bridge between Tezos and 15 other blockchains. The new cross-chain bridge will reportedly help users move liquidity to or from Tezos from other blockchains without selling their assets or intermediaries such as CEXs. The bridge will help mitigate the barrier[Read more…]